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When still on the old wiki, I took the liberty of rewriting this page into it's current state... -- 22:43, 11 Jun 2006 (CEST) (Ro-Maniak on the forum).

I added a section on "Understanding the different wireless modes". It seems it doesn't totally fit this page, since its not technically a problem. Having said that, I think it is very commonly misunderstood among noobies. I believe it deserves a slot somewhere in the Wiki; I'm just not sure where. I'd be happy if someone did a little editing on it too. I bottomed out a little myself on giving a real basic overview of Client mode, Client Bridge Mode, and Adhoc. Especially adhoc mode since I have never actually used it before. -AycheKay (HK)

[edit] Merging with new wiki

This artice should be probably split

common problems should and merged with Index:FAQ


ways to get yourself support should be merged with Index:Support. --Kubanczyk 02:43, 19 Dec 2006 (CET)