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How many OpenVPN clients can connect to the OpenVPN server on the WRT? I guess that OpenVPN uses a lot of CPU.


logging of openVPN

How can i see openvpn is working or see where its breaking up??

and does someone know how i can mount a samba share and where can i see that it is mounted??

I am getting an error that says Options error: Bad --mode parameter: server

When I run:

/tmp/myvpn --dev tap0 --tls-server --ca /tmp/ca.crt --cert /tmp/server.c rt --key /tmp/server.key --dh /tmp/dh1024.pem --comp-lzo --port 1194 --proto tcp -server --mode server --client-to-client --keepalive 15 60 --verb 3 --daemon

I get the following error: Options error: Bad --mode parameter: server Use --help for more information.

Thoughts? Thanks, Viper

OpenVPN w/new built 7/22

BS and developers has "....gimme a response if it works now. there is a brctl replacement inside with limited features like addif, addbr etc..."

Could someone else verify that OpenVPN server is working with the latest buit 07/22? I've upgraded but can't test from WAN.

History of OpenVPN - couldn't get OpenVPN working with any built after 06/15. Reported in the bugtracker.


Bad "--mode parameter: server"...

All looks fine but on startup vpn won't start. Manually entering rcstartup info reveals the error being thrown is "bad --mode parameter: server". Per the OpenVPN site 2.0.x should support the "server" option. Running v23_sp1_vpn. in /tmp, if running "./myvpn --version" response indicates 2.0.x (I think it was 2.0.3 or 2.0.6 - not sure which at this pt.) Any ideas? Can email me at: bstack.ddwrt(at) Tnx!