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I sure am going to try this one out over Sveasoft

Hi freaks!
I don't know why, but any writers didn't realize, that this is the "EN"-Part of the dd-wrt wiki! I changed the headers and now you can write the most famous wiki for the most famous router-firmware in the 21st century ,)

Let's get it on freaks! Snoopotic

We need to get some instructions going in here for how to load ipkg modules. I'm particularly inertested in getting OpenSwan running on DD-WRT. Here's a link to some instructions for OpenWRT , but I'm not sure they work in DD-WRT:


Anyone know how to create an additional page? Or do we just get the 1 page to put everything on? Cause theis page is going to get REALLY long, especially if it has all of those HowTos for packages, etc
--Sveasoft @ BSR-Clan

I just removed the HoneyPot item I think if people want to see stuff written they should either request it or write it, not simply add a null heading to the main page hoping someone will fill it in. There are a few other items that probably should be trimmed also.

Just delete this if it's inadequate to file my request here.

As I'm unsure whether to upgrade my firmware from 22pre4 to either 22r2 or 23b2. It would be great, if additionally to naming the "features" one could add from which version on this feature was included in a stable fashion. Thanks.

Moreover, looking at the features, i think it to be appropriate to either add v5.0 to the list of supported hardware or to change the "new" into something else, as this sounds too much like some advert in case it is not even true. But I don't know whether it is or not. --Jack Hambabo

Confirmed Flashing WRT54GS miniV4 to std

I just flashed my WRT54GSv4, and I had the same "Upgrade are Failed" when I went from miniv4(which was a success) to stdv4. When I tried the normal WRT54GS std, after the miniV4 all went well.

Client Mode (supports multiple connected clients)

This is written in the feature list. What does mean "multiple connected clients" ? There are some pages about client mode, like Client Mode Wireless. Maybe the item in the feature list should link to it ?

stein-- 10:36, 12 Jan 2006 (CET)