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Feb 18, 2007 - My edits

I found this HowTo very helpful, but also in dire need of clarification and editing. So, after I successfully flashed mine, I made the changes that I felt would make this far easier to follow, and better organized. Nothing has been removed, only a slight reordering, and the addition of the list of "ingredients" at the beginning, and some formatting. As I look at it again, I need to do some tweaks for consistency. Thanks all. :)

Apr 10, 2007 - Helpful info

I found this to be a useful how to, however, I either missed a step, or had something corrupted in my initial patch to gain full time SSH access, because afterward La Fonera would not completely boot. I searched high and low for what to do. I reflashed several times. I tried the reset NVRAM step multiple times. Nothing allowed the unit to completely reboot. It always aborted the RedBoot process and left me sitting there. Believe me, I waited and waited on the unit to completely boot, and it never did. As I searched for some answer to this problem, I found that I was not alone. Many others had posted similar problems. I broadened my scope and searched deeper.

So, as part of my quest to find the problem, I decided to search for RedBoot configuration information. In my quest, I came across the information with command syntax for the RedBoot process.

I found this page first: Can I change 'RedBoot Config' using MTD driver.?

It didn't help me, but, it did clue me to look further. Next came this page: RedBoot Commands and Examples

Again, this came closer, but, not close enough.

Lastly, came this page: Persistent State Flash-based Configuration and Control

To sum up, if you're experiencing problems getting RedBoot to completely boot the firmware, spend some time at the home of RedBoot and you may learn what you need to get things back in order again. RedBoot