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Is there a page which lists definate "No" routers? I've got a TRENDnet TEW-435BRM and I don't see anything about them at all on site. Thanks. - NKT 06/06/06

What about Linksys WRT54GX4 wireless routers that use MIMO technology?

I have one of the SRX400 Linksys wireless routers that uses MIMO technology to increase speed and distance. Are there any mod directions for the WRT54GX4?

Conflicting information?

The article says that "the WRT54GSv.5 has 2mb of flash memory." but it also says "All the WRT54GS models except v4.0 have 8MB of flash" So which is it and can upgrade my WRT54GSv.5? Thanks! BTW if I can and this works YOU ROCK! (YOU ROCK ANYWAY)