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Anyone have some notes on how this plays with (if at all?) the port forwarding and port triggering page in the web interface?

I'm going to save my settings first (of course), but I'd like to make my firewall a bit more secure than it is now, and I have far more complex needs than what the basic firmware provides. If I need to define all of my forwards from fwbuilder, then I will.

BTW, I'm a unix admin, so although i think i 'get' iptables, the linksys firmware doesn't exactly make it easy to insert settings. fwbuilder seems to have this down cold however. ;)

Load existing iptables config?

When connecting with a router I've never used before (WRT54GL/DD-WRTv23SP1), but which at one time was configured with new iptables entries, how do I load those entries into fwbuilder so that I can make a few minor changes rather than starting from scratch and wiping out all of the previous settings?