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HELLO (knock, knock, anyone home?)

I deleted the discussion about setting router output power to 250mw after spending hours on the Chillispot article,

-- because discussion of Power Output has -nothing- to do with the Chillispot Wiki article.

Power Output is never ever mentioned once in the Chillispot article, either. Not that it belongs there.

If you, the undo-er, thinks discussion about Power Output, on an article about Chillispot is relevant, no, it isn't. I am going to assume you are just blindly going through the Wiki and clicking on things, and it was just a sort of stupid mistake, myself included, makes.

Blindly undoing an edit, an automatic reaction, when you see (irrelevant information) has been removed. Could be the Talk text has nothing to do with the article. These two people might as well be discussing the price of hay in Bulgaria. Power Output has as much to do with Chillispot as QoS has to do with firmware flashing; yes, all those articles belong in the same Wiki about DD-wRT.

Updated the article. Fixing structural errors, spelling mistakes. Discussions relevant to the Wiki article "Chillispot" go here. Other discussions, about unrelated topics, go in the forum or in their related Wiki Talk page. Thanks!S2s2 00:13, 13 July 2008 (CEST)