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Isn't setting the output power to 250mw bad for the router? And why do you want to reboot the router at 3 am?

... I think the upping the power from the Linksys standard of 28mw is to extend the range. It should not harm the router physically.

... Bumping the power to 250mW will cause it to splatter into the adjacent channels. The maximum power should be set at ~83mW. Just because the firmware allows this does not mean that you should run it full out.

... Why reboot the router at 3AM? Sometimes we need to do automated maintenance. It also helps clear out any un-desirable memory leaks, etc. Now the 3AM, if this is your 'prime time' please change it! :) ... For me at least, 3AM should be close to the middle of my sleep cycle, thus any disruption in service for users should be minimal.

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