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Installing DD-WRT on TP-Link Archer C7 V2 (AC1750)

  • WAP IP:
  • Upgrade from TP-Link Archer_C7_V2_131217 firmware to Archer_C7_V2_150427 firmware.
    • Archer_C7_V2_131217 gives "Error code: -1" trying to load any DD-WRT firmware. Make sure to upgrade to TP link 150427 first
  • 30/30/30 Reset
  • 2015-03-05-r26446
  • WAP IP:
  • 30/30/30 Reset
  • WAP IP: Assigned desired IP and configure...

Most of this info is from this post [1]

A reversion file to go back to factory firmware is in this thread [2]

A graph of AC channel allocations is here [3]

A discussion of AC frequencies and setup of them is here [4] The 5Ghz AC radio will work at the default AUTO settings but this may NOT be optimal for your environment and you may not get the highest wifi speed on your clients.

Dd-wrt does not support the 5ghz card on the archer c7 hardware version v1.1. For old versions of dd-wrt after installing dd-wrt you must turn off the router and remove the 5ghz card or the router will brick. The 5Ghz radio works fine in hardware version 2 of this router. It is possible to remove the 5Ghz card from an old broken laptop and install it in the hardware version 1 of this device.

Build 33772 from here [5] works fine on this router.