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Current Top-Ranked Routers

  • Cheapest: Buffalo WHR-G54S
  • Fastest DD-WRT Performance*: Avila Gateworks GW2348-4
  • Most memory: Routerboard 532A or Avila Gateworks GW2348-4
  • Most flexible options (antennas, external storage, etc): Routerboard 532A
  • Best range using built-in antenna: Buffalo WHR-HP-G54

*note: X86 version excluded

Where to Buy

Complete Specifications Table

  • this table is a work-in-progress and likely contains errors and omisions, please update it as needed
  • note: due to the huge array of variations in Linskys hardware supported, I have consolidated the specs for the Linksys WRT-models. If you would like to see the intricate details of the various versions of Linksys hardware, please refer to this OpenWRT Wiki page which has additional details.

Broadcom-based Routerboard NewMedia MagicBox Avila Gateworks
Asus WL-500G
RB532 RB532A Dual A/B/G
GW2348-2 GW2348-4
Avg. Price (USD) $45 $65 $30-70 $100 unknown unknown n/a $85 n/a $179 $284
DD-WRT version required any any any any V23 SP2 V23 SP2 V24 V24 V24 unknown unknown
CPU type BCM5352 BCM5352 BCM471x or
BCM4704 MIPS 4Kc MIPS 4Kc Xscale IXP425 PowerPC PowerPC Xscale IXP425 Xscale IXP425
CPU speed 200MHz 200MHz 200MHz
(very old G models 125MHz)
264MHz 266-300MHz 266-300MHz 266MHz 200MHz 266MHz 266MHz 533MHz
Avg. Stable
216MHz n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a
RAM 16MB 16MB 8/16/32MB 32MB 32MB 64MB 32MB 32MB 32MB 32MB 64MB
Flash Memory 4M 4M 2/4/8M 4M 8M 8M 8M 4M unknown 8M 16M
Antenna Type RP-SMA RP-SMA R-TNC RP-SMA depends on card depends on card depends on card depends on card depends on card depends on card depends on card
Ethernet port count 4 LAN / 1 WAN 4 LAN / 1 WAN 4 LAN / 1 WAN 4 LAN / 1 WAN 2 LAN / 1 WAN 2 LAN / 1 WAN 4 LAN / 1 WAN 1 1 LAN / 1 WAN 1 LAN / 1 WAN 1 LAN / 1 WAN
MiniPCI slots? . . . . 2 2 2 1 3 2 4
Serial port . . . . YES . . YES YES (2) YES YES (2)
Power Input 3.3V 5V 12V . . . 5V 5~24V 5~24V 9~48V 9~48V
Supports PoE? . . . . YES YES . YES YES YES YES
Dimensions . . . 14cm x 14cm . 105x85x20 mm . . .
Special Features . contains RF amp which improves range . USB ports for storage/printserver . . . hardware watchdog hardware watchdog, JTAG, CF slot, fan control hardware watchdog hardware watchdog
Special Notes for
Running DD-WRT
Must perform initial flash with TFTP some versions require mini/micro build due to memory limitations, see hwsupport.txt for details Flaky NVRAM, sometimes settings get corrupted and require hardware reset . . . . . . .