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  1. AP Repeater on DLINK Dir-300 (35 bytes)
    1: {{delete|Has been emtied by sash.}}
  2. Universal Wireless Repeater (9,297 bytes)
    1: ...s]] / [[Linking Routers]] / '''Universal Wireless Repeater'''
    3: '''THIS IS [[Supported_Devices|BROADCOM]] ONLY!'''
    6: ...he same time, can also be an access point, independent of the SSID and type of encryption used.
    8: ...ATE instructions for creating a special UNIVERSAL repeater as explained below, not for linking the routers y...
    10: '''Wireless Client Bridge''', or '''Range Extender'''. Unlike WDS, once you have this appliance se...
  3. LaFonera Software Universal-Repeater (25,850 bytes)
    2: ...ory:LaFonera_Software_(en)|Software]] / Universal-Repeater'''
    8: So i decided to port it to work on dd-wrt. Yet I think the ba...
    10: ...he files which are nessesary on my websrver and made them available to the rest of you.
    18: wget
    30: I made it as good working as possible, but i think some ...
  4. Wlan Repeater (9,054 bytes)
    1: {{Languages|Repeater}}
    2: ...Main]] / [[Tutorials]] / [[Linking Routers]] / '''Repeater'''
    11: This mode is NOT for WIRED connections between two routers!...
    13: ... Also, some other revisions or adjustments may be desirable, as stated below.
    14: ...ther unique subnet in your network. If you need a repeater-type solution in the same subnet you are in the w...
  5. Repeater Bridge (21,999 bytes)
    1: {{Languages|Repeater Bridge}}
    2: ...Main]] / [[Tutorials]] / [[Linking Routers]] / '''Repeater Bridge'''
    9: ==Difference between Client Bridge and Repeater Bridge==
    13: ... need to bridge wired clients; the extra wireless repeater capability comes along for free; however, you are...
    15: [[Image:Repeater_Bridge.jpg|thumbnail|Reference Image]]
  6. Repeater/fr (31 bytes)
  7. Repeater Bridge/fr (12,531 bytes)
    1: {{Languages|Repeater Bridge}}
    3: ==Repeteur Mode pont==
    4: ...AU : depuis la V24, le routeur secondaire accepte des connexions à fil ET sans fil.
    6: ...nt sans devoir tirer un câble ethernet entre ces deux locaux.
    8: ...ents connectés par câble. Depuis la version V24 de DD-WRT, les clients peuvent se connecter indiffé...
  8. LaFonera Software Wireless-Repeater (2,067 bytes)
    2: ...ware_(en)|Software]] / LaFonera_Software_Wireless-Repeater'''
    9: This is a "Repeater Mode"
    25: Router Name : Whatever you want..i used Repeater
    37: Operating mode: Rip2 Router
    41: Wireless Mode: Client Bridge (Don't worry..You will use ath0 fo...
  9. Repeater (27 bytes)
    1: #REDIRECT [[Wlan Repeater]]
  10. Repeater Bridge/es (30 bytes)
  11. Repeater/es (23 bytes)
  12. Repeater Bridge/ru (1,365 bytes)
    1: {{Languages|Repeater Bridge}}
  13. Repeater Bridge/pt (1,306 bytes)
    1: {{Languages|Repeater Bridge}}
    2: ...ainpage]] / [[Linking_Routers|Linking Routers]] / Repeater Bridge'''
    4: ...s DHCP em um segmento pode ter os seus endereços de um servidor DHCP em outro segmento.
    6: Use a conexão wireless bridge para conectar de forma transparente computadores que estiverem con...
    8: volta ao seu roteador principal. Você ainda poderá conectar clientes ao seu roteador principal us...
  14. WDS REPEATER on QCA (97 bytes)
    1: This page is now deprecated, instead see: [[WDS_Linked_router_network...

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  1. DD-WRT Doku (DE) (83,042 bytes)
    1: ...
    8: ...lange nicht mehr aktualisiert. Viele Artikel behandeln DD-WRT Versionen die nicht mehr aktuell sind (D...
    10: ...y hat wahrscheinlich kein Interesse mehr an einer Deutschen-Wiki.
    19: ...ieses vom Mitmachen. Jeder darf, und soll [ Artikel] verfassen, ed...
    23: [[Image:Wpa2.JPG|thumb|Das Interface der aktuellen DD-WRT v23/v24 Versionen]]
  2. Tutorials (8,922 bytes)
    5: | valign="top" width="100%" style="border: solid 1px #33BBBB; background-color: #CCFFFF; c...
    6: * [[Installation]] - Complete guide for installing DD-WRT on your router<br/>
    9: * [[Index:FAQ|FAQs]] - Everything from Where do I download...
    15: ... Category is here: [ Category:Basic tuto...
    18: | valign="top" width="50%" style="border: solid 1px #33BBBB; background-color: #CCFFFF; c...
  3. Client Mode (5,677 bytes)
    1: ...[[Tutorials]] / [[Linking Routers]] / '''Client Mode'''
    7: ... nor accepts wireless connections by other client devices.
    9: ...ed between them. Thus, when port forwarding is needed it must be configured at both routers - not just...
    11: ..._network|WDS]]. Further explanation of bridging modes is at [[Linking_Routers|Linking Routers]].
    15: ==Client Mode Setup==
  4. Glossary (58,851 bytes)
    15: ...thenticator requests more information in order to determine the method. Rather than requiring the aut...
    19: ...rts transfers up to 11 megabits per second under ideal conditions. Transmission occurs over 20 MHz o...
    22: ...llowing it to reach 54 megabits per second under ideal conditions. It requires a radio capable of tra...
    25: ...(Wave II devices) bandwidth. This standard also added MU-MIMO support and 256-QAM modulation. This was...
    28: ....11g equipment can typically operate in 802.11b mode when required to work in 802.11b environments. L...
  5. Wireless Bridge (43,131 bytes)
    6: ... USED*** Use the more complete and up to date guide to do the same thing that can be found here:'''
    12: ...ireless device. Segments connected via [[Client Mode Wireless]] cannot share a DHCP server.[[Image:sta...
    14: ...n the case in which we are interested, a wireless device running DD-WRT such as a WRT54G is configured...
    19: ...s connecting to the primary in "Client-Bridged" mode. Let's call that WRT54G the secondary.
  6. WAN Port (752 bytes)
    3: When the WRT is used as an Access Point (AP) or repeater (WDS), the WAN port can easily be configured as a...
    8: # Open up the Web Interface to your DD-WRT Device
  7. DD-WRT Docu (IT) (14,289 bytes)
    5: ...precisioni o parti incomplete. Se vuoi puoi provvedere tu stesso alla modifica o inviare una mail a ma...
    8: Nello spirito del Wiki e dell'Open Source chiunque può collaborare a questo ...
    10: =Descrizione del progetto=
    13: ... reso possibile dalla collaborazione all'interno della comunità! Chiunque può scrivere, modificare ...
    16: ...zata del [[Quality of Service]] per l'allocazione della banda, supporto software per l'utilizzo di SD-...
  8. DD-WRT Manual (SE) (30,300 bytes)
    1: ...informationen, var vänlig till till den engelska delen. == '''
    8: Denna wikis mål är att skapa en komplett användar...
    10: som alla media-wiki projekt, hålls denna levande av samarbete! Alla är tillåtna att skriva, edit...
    16: [[Image:Wpa2.JPG|thumb|Det nuvarande DD-WRT v23/v24 webbgränssnittet]]
    17: ...1=12&l2=43&l3=0&model=359&modelmenu=1 Asus WL-500 deluxe] 802.11g trådlösa routrar (som körs en var...
  9. Useful Scripts (53,593 bytes)
    2: '''[[Main_Page|DD-WRT wiki mainpage]] / [[Index:Scripting|Scripting]] / Useful Scripts
    9: ...e a good reason for doing this, it should be considered a hack until the feature is implemented perman...
    36: Afterward put the line below inside a startup script
    74: # transfer - FTP Transfer ON/OFF (Default is OFF)
    75: # FOLDER - Location where backup scripts are stored
  10. Client Bridged (5,474 bytes)
    9: ...king Routers]] for a description of each of the modes.
    11: ...n two routers only. All devices connections, besides the primary router, MUST be wired to the CB rout...
    14: ...CB will not work on your hardware, try [[Client Mode]] instead.
    16: ...which will be bridged through the Repeater Bridge device.
    19: ... '''The ''Router Database'' does NOT have recommended builds.'''
  11. What is DD-WRT? (20,620 bytes)
    3: ...ers based on a Broadcom or Atheros chip reference design.
    5: ...ects. DD-WRT was created directly from Sveasoft's decision to start charging for their firmware, closi...
    7: drafted] in the past by BrainSlay...
    9: ...d features not found in the OEM firmware of these devices, or even the firmware available for purchase...
    13: ...DD-WRT is the German car numberplate code for Dresden.
  12. Version Features (30,481 bytes)
    1: ...r source code], kernel and makefile configs, includes, and [
    3: ==Atheros Based Devices (incl. UBNT)==
    5: ... have one version of the firmware available per model. The feature set in Atheros builds are generally...
    7: ==Broadcom Based Devices==
    8: Broadcom based devices have several different versions available to...
  13. 什么是 "DD-WRT"? (53,158 bytes)
    7: ...费的,但 BrainSlayer [|起草了] (另外一种商业模...
    13: ...Gaming network] 的 [ Kai 守护程序]、[http://en.wi...
    15: ...么意思?其实就是德国德累斯顿 (Dresden) 的车牌字母。
    22: ...Linksys WRT54G/GL/GS 路由器或其他[Supported Devices|支持]的路由器
    27: {| style="font-size: 100%; text-align:center;" border=1 cellspacing=0 cellpadding=3 class="wikitable s...
  14. Bridging (2,653 bytes)
    7: ... able to create a wireless bridge. The bridging mode is selected from a drop down menu on the '''Wirel...
    9: ...eral variations on bridging. Use the following to determine which type is best for you. See the linked...
    11: =Client Mode=
    12: ...(On the firmware page, the menu choice for this mode simply reads “Client”.)
    32: =Repeater Bridge=
  15. Universal Wireless Repeater (9,297 bytes)
    1: ...s]] / [[Linking Routers]] / '''Universal Wireless Repeater'''
    3: '''THIS IS [[Supported_Devices|BROADCOM]] ONLY!'''
    6: ...he same time, can also be an access point, independent of the SSID and type of encryption used.
    8: ...ATE instructions for creating a special UNIVERSAL repeater as explained below, not for linking the routers y...
    10: '''Wireless Client Bridge''', or '''Range Extender'''. Unlike WDS, once you have this appliance se...
  16. Firmware FAQ (39,234 bytes)
    10: ...d [[Known_incompatible_devices|Known incompatible devices]]. Otherwise search the forums.
    22: ... check them against [[Supported_Devices|Supported Devices]]. There are routers with DD-WRT preinstalle...
    27: ...r first time flashing- where applicable in the folders).
    29: ...orted. If not, the first recommendation by most moderators will be to use the latest available beta bu...
    43: ...g builds (deprecated)|''Kong builds'']] below for deprecated Kong builds
  17. Range Expander (41 bytes)
    1: #REDIRECT [[Universal Wireless Repeater]]
  18. UWR (41 bytes)
    1: #REDIRECT [[Universal Wireless Repeater]]
  19. AutoAP (11,423 bytes)
    4: ...t Mode]], or [[Wireless_Bridge | Client-Bridged Mode]].
    7: :''Before using this guide, it is recommended that you know how to:<br>''
    8: ... [[Installation | flash your device]]<br>
    10: ...nt Mode]] or [[Wireless_Bridge | Client-Bridged Mode]].<br>
    17: ...o download stand-alone AutoAP script. Once downloaded, AutoAP starts.
  20. LaFonera Info Hardware-Specifications (3,830 bytes)
    6: === Model 2100 ===
    13: * Antenna Omni-Directional detachable antenna (2dBi)
    19: === Model 2200 ===
    30: * Redesigned PCB, possibly cooler?
    36: === Model 2100 ===

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