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  1. Hardware (3,608 bytes)
    1: {{Languages|Hardware}}
    5: ...(non-volatile RAM) also called flash space is the place where the permanent settings are stored. This ...
    16: what you are actually looking for. This can simply be a word or a [
    24: :Now you can play with the new settings or test user scripts but ...
    42: #define BFL_BTCOEXIST 0x0001 /* This board implements Bluetooth coexistance */
  2. LaFonera Hardware serial to ethernet (1,034 bytes)
    2: [[Category:LaFonera_Hardware_(en)]]
    3: ...)|LaFonera]] / [[:Category:LaFonera_Hardware_(en)|Hardware]] / serial to ethernet'''
  3. LaFonera Hardware i2c (6,202 bytes)
    2: [[Category:LaFonera_Hardware_(en)]]
    3: ...)|LaFonera]] / [[:Category:LaFonera_Hardware_(en)|Hardware]] / i2c'''
    10: [[Image:LaFonera_Hardware_i2c_-_01_overview.jpg]]
    12: My kernel implementation use 4 GPIO on SW1 (1-2-5-6) near the Et...
    16: ... on i2c-parport-light. Linux i2c stack is very complete, all i have to do is to use bit-banging i2c AP...
  4. LaFonera Hardware Coloured Chassis (2,817 bytes)
    2: [[Category:LaFonera_Hardware_(en)]]
    3: ...)|LaFonera]] / [[:Category:LaFonera_Hardware_(en)|Hardware]] / Coloured Chassis'''
    15: [[image:LaFonera_Hardware_coloured_chassis.jpg]]
    26: From testing on spare plastic I have found that you can get a smooth finis...
    33: to prime the surface. (no need to sand because plastic adheres better than metals);
  5. LaFonera Hardware SD-Card (6,579 bytes)
    2: [[Category:LaFonera_Hardware_(en)]]
    3: ...)|LaFonera]] / [[:Category:LaFonera_Hardware_(en)|Hardware]] / SD-Card'''
    46: I read on several websites, that some people managed to wire a SD Card (or a MMC) to a Fonera...
    50: [[Image:LaFonera_Hardware_SD-Card_-_01_overview.jpg|the finished result]]
    57: ... is to locate the SW pins (near the antenna).. simply solder some wires like this:
  6. LaFonera Hardware Power-Sources (2,124 bytes)
    2: [[Category:LaFonera_Hardware_(en)]]
    3: ...)|LaFonera]] / [[:Category:LaFonera_Hardware_(en)|Hardware]] / Power-Sources'''
  7. Linksys WAP54G Hardware Spec (3,039 bytes)
    5: Hardware spec:<br>
    20: While the howtos and photos needed for the implementation of this module for the models of WRT54G...
    36: Power supply:
    45: []
  8. LaFonera Info Hardware-Specifications (3,830 bytes)
    3: ...Fonera_(en)|LaFonera]] / [[LaFonera_Info|Info]] / Hardware-Specifications'''
    5: == The Hardware Specifications ==
    15: * Powersupply Input: 100-240V ~ 50-60 Hz 0.3A. Output: 5V DC, ...
    29: * Powersupply: 7.5v, 1A Output
    40: LaFonera complies with the following standards:
  9. LaFonera Hardware Second-Antenna (7,482 bytes)
    2: [[Category:LaFonera_Hardware_(en)]]
    3: ...)|LaFonera]] / [[:Category:LaFonera_Hardware_(en)|Hardware]] / Second-Antenna'''
    9: The process should be pretty self explainitory, though I'm sure others may have other th...
    19: ... drill, dremel, etc. Whatever works. Be sure to plan out exactly where it will go. I have chosen to...
    24: is wiring for a ground. Below that is another plastic casing. Within that is the actual antenna c...
  10. LaFonera Hardware JTAG (268 bytes)
    2: [[Category:LaFonera_Hardware_(en)]]
    4: ...)|LaFonera]] / [[:Category:LaFonera_Hardware_(en)|Hardware]] / JTAG'''
    7: For now take a look at [[LaFonera_Hardware_IO_(en)]]
  11. LaFonera Hardware USB (9,766 bytes)
    2: [[Category:LaFonera_Hardware_(en)]]
    3: ...)|LaFonera]] / [[:Category:LaFonera_Hardware_(en)|Hardware]] / USB'''
    13: ... LaFonera, so read this article first: [[LaFonera_Hardware_Serial-Cable-Port]].
    20: * 1x USB type B PCB socket [
    21: * 1x USB type B plug [
  12. LaFonera Hardware Power-over-Ethernet (3,201 bytes)
    2: [[Category:LaFonera_Hardware_(en)]]
    3: ...)|LaFonera]] / [[:Category:LaFonera_Hardware_(en)|Hardware]] / Power-over-Ethernet'''
    8: ...e to use DC/DC-converter inside LaFonera. For example RP10-4805SE from [http://www.recom-international...
    12: ...ntical when opened up, same circuit and component placement). This information is based on our experie...
    23: ... attached these pairs to the standard 5V power in plug, in the box where the unit is to be mounted.
  13. LaFonera Hardware Serial-Cable-Port (6,917 bytes)
    1: [[Category:LaFonera_Hardware_(en)]]
    2: ...)|LaFonera]] / [[:Category:LaFonera_Hardware_(en)|Hardware]] / Serial-Cable-Port'''
    7: | [[Image:LaFonera_Hardware_Serial-Cable-Port_01.jpg]]
    17: See [[LaFonera_Hardware_Disassembling|LaFonera Hardware Disassembling]] for how to dissassemble your rout...
    19: [[Image:LaFonera_Hardware_Serial-Cable-Port_02.jpg]]
  14. LaFonera Hardware Disassembling (1,764 bytes)
    2: [[Category:LaFonera_Hardware_(en)]]
    3: ...)|LaFonera]] / [[:Category:LaFonera_Hardware_(en)|Hardware]] / Disassembling'''
    8: | [[Image:LaFonera Hardware Disassembling 01.png]]
    11: Included is a 5 v Ac/Dc converter and a simple user manual.
    20: [[Image:LaFonera Hardware Disassembling 02.jpg]]
  15. LaFonera Hardware (49 bytes)
    1: #REDIRECT [[:Category:LaFonera_Hardware_(en)]]'''
  16. Hardware DIY (1,115 bytes)
    1: {{Languages|Hardware_DIY}}
    3: ==Hardware List==
    5: ...the Hardware link at the bottom of the page. Some hardware mods are located on their router's particular wik...
    13: [[Category:Hardware]]
  17. LaFonera Hardware Cooling-System (11,159 bytes)
    2: [[Category:LaFonera_Hardware_(en)]]
    3: ...)|LaFonera]] / [[:Category:LaFonera_Hardware_(en)|Hardware]] / Cooling-System'''
    16: ...nd the life of this nifty little unit we shall simply add a clutch looking fan to the top. (how the fa...
    28: *Pliers
    51: 3. After making sure you have the right placement on the cover. Transfer the marked hole and...
  18. LaFonera Hardware Controlling AC-Loads (4,663 bytes)
    2: [[Category:LaFonera_Hardware_(en)]]
    3: ...)|LaFonera]] / [[:Category:LaFonera_Hardware_(en)|Hardware]] / Controlling AC-Loads'''
    13: ...ld process, maybe we could create a controlling application together.
    15: == Hardware ==
    18: [[image:LaFonera_Hardware_Controlling_AC-Loads_-_01_ready_to_start.jpg]]
  19. LaFonera Hardware Roboter Controlling (2,339 bytes)
    2: [[Category:LaFonera_Hardware_(en)]]
    3: ...)|LaFonera]] / [[:Category:LaFonera_Hardware_(en)|Hardware]] / Roboter Controlling'''
    13: ...ld process, maybe we could create a controlling application together.
    15: == Hardware ==
    16: The complete Robot, ready mounted - front view
  20. LaFonera Hardware Logo-Removal (2,569 bytes)
    2: [[Category:LaFonera_Hardware_(en)]]
    3: ...)|LaFonera]] / [[:Category:LaFonera_Hardware_(en)|Hardware]] / Logo-Removal'''
    5: ...a_Hardware_Logo-Removal_(de)|deutsch]] [[LaFonera_Hardware_Logo-Removal_(fr)|français]]
    11: ...e way to get rid of the logo without removing any plastic from the top or creating unnecessary scratch...
    23: ...Clean up trace polish (or else it may degrade the plastic) using a damp kitchen towel (dampen with '''...
  21. LaFonera Hardware Replace LEDs (6,702 bytes)
    2: [[Category:LaFonera_Hardware_(en)]]
    3: ...[[:Category:LaFonera_Hardware_(en)|Hardware]] / Replace LEDs'''
    5: ...Replace_LEDs_(de)|deutsch]] [[LaFonera_Hardware_Replace_LEDs_(fr)|français]]
    7: = Replacing the green LEDs =
    8: '''Today we learn how to replace the green LEDs of your LaFonera with blue ones...
  22. LaFonera Hardware Logo-Removal (de) (2,955 bytes)
    2: [[Category:LaFonera_Hardware_(de)]]
    3: ...Fonera_(de)|LaFonera]] / [[LaFonera_Hardware_(de)|Hardware]] / Logo-Entfernung'''
    5: ...a_Hardware_Logo-Removal_(de)|deutsch]] [[LaFonera_Hardware_Logo-Removal_(fr)|français]]
    11: ...ffektivste Weg um das Logo zu entfernen, ohne die Plastikoberfläche Deiner LaFonera zu beschädigen o...
    24: ...en der Politur mit einem feuchten Tuch, damit das Plastik nicht angegriffen wird
  23. LaFonera Hardware Logo-Removal (fr) (2,529 bytes)
    2: [[Category:LaFonera_Hardware_(fr)]]
    3: ...Fonera_(fr)|LaFonera]] / [[LaFonera_Hardware_(fr)|Hardware]] / Logo-Removal'''
    5: ...a_Hardware_Logo-Removal_(de)|deutsch]] [[LaFonera_Hardware_Logo-Removal_(fr)|français]]
    11: ...e way to get rid of the logo without removing any plastic from the top or creating unnecessary scratch...
    23: ...Clean up trace polish (or else it may degrade the plastic) using a damp kitchen towel (dampen with '''...
  24. LaFonera Hardware (de) (46 bytes)
    1: #REDIRECT [[:Category:LaFonera_Hardware_(de)]]
  25. LaFonera Hardware (fr) (49 bytes)
    1: #REDIRECT [[:Category:LaFonera_Hardware_(fr)]]'''
  26. LaFonera Hardware 32MB SDRAM MOD (5,063 bytes)
    2: [[Category:LaFonera_Hardware_(en)]]
    3: ...)|LaFonera]] / [[:Category:LaFonera_Hardware_(en)|Hardware]] / 32MB SDRAM MOD'''
    19: ==Removing and replacing ram chips on the Fonera==
    23: ... keep the chip on when a little bit of force is applied to the chip. The legs will 'pop' from the pads...
    25: Get a sample ChipQuik SMD removal kit. It includes flux and s...
  27. LaFonera Hardware Replace LEDs (de) (6,319 bytes)
    1: [[Category:LaFonera_Hardware_(de)]]
    2: ...onera]] / [[LaFonera_Hardware_(de)|Hardware]] / Replace LEDs'''
    4: ...Replace_LEDs_(de)|deutsch]] [[LaFonera_Hardware_Replace_LEDs_(fr)|français]]
    12: I think it is very simple to do this modification - if you have some solde...
    28: [[image:LaFonera_Hardware_Replace_LEDs_-_08_preparation.jpg]]
  28. LaFonera Hardware Replace LEDs (fr) (5,848 bytes)
    2: [[Category:LaFonera_Hardware_(fr)]]
    3: ...onera]] / [[LaFonera_Hardware_(fr)|Hardware]] / Replace LEDs'''
    5: ...Replace_LEDs_(de)|deutsch]] [[LaFonera_Hardware_Replace_LEDs_(fr)|français]]
    7: = Remplacer les LEDs vertes =
    8: '''Aujourd'hui nous allons voir comment remplacer les LEDs vertes de LaFonera par des bleues.''...
  29. LaFonera Hardware Power from USB (8,045 bytes)
    2: [[Category:LaFonera_Hardware_(en)]]
    3: ...)|LaFonera]] / [[:Category:LaFonera_Hardware_(en)|Hardware]] / Power from USB'''
    6: ...hat limited by its power supply which needs to be plugged into a wall power socket. Wouldn’t it be n...
    8: As we know from looking at the hardware specifications for the LaFonera, it takes DC powe...
    10: This mod is quite simple; it requires no modification to the LaFonera, ju...
  30. LaFonera Hardware New Paint Job (1,237 bytes)
    2: [[Category:LaFonera_Hardware_(en)]]
    3: ...)|LaFonera]] / [[:Category:LaFonera_Hardware_(en)|Hardware]] / New Paint Job'''
    8: This is '''SIMPLE''' mod. It shouldn't take you more then 2 Hours ...
  31. LaFonera Hardware IO (en) (4,576 bytes)
    2: [[Category:LaFonera_Hardware_(en)]]
    3: ...)|LaFonera]] / [[:Category:LaFonera_Hardware_(en)|Hardware]] / IO'''
    9: ...the time to make a schmatic of the LaFonera yet? Please fill in the
    13: ...: and here:
    15: ... Reset TAP in Atheros AR2315 (from: Multiple sources)
  32. LaFonera Hardware Modding (636 bytes)
    2: [[Category:LaFonera_Hardware_(en)]]
    3: ...)|LaFonera]] / [[:Category:LaFonera_Hardware_(en)|Hardware]] / Modding'''
    7: [[Image:LaFonera_Hardware_Modding_-_01_front.jpg]]
    9: [[Image:LaFonera_Hardware_Modding_-_02_side.jpg]]
    11: [[Image:LaFonera_Hardware_Modding_-_03_ahead.jpg]]
  33. Hardware-Specific/zh cn (32 bytes)
  34. Hardware-specific/zh cn (32 bytes)
  35. LaFonera hardware New Paint Job (45 bytes)
    1: #REDIRECT [[LaFonera Hardware New Paint Job]]
  36. LaFonera Hardware (en) (49 bytes)
    1: #REDIRECT [[:Category:LaFonera_Hardware_(en)]]'''
  37. LaFonera Hardware IO (39 bytes)
    1: #REDIRECT [[LaFonera Hardware IO (en)]]
  38. LaFonera Hardware Controlling AC-Loads via webinterface (4,497 bytes)
    1: [[Category:LaFonera_Hardware_(en)]]
    2: ...)|LaFonera]] / [[:Category:LaFonera_Hardware_(en)|Hardware]] / Controlling AC-loads via web-interface'''
    31: : [[Image:LaFonera_Hardware_Controlling_AC-Loads_via_webinterface_-_04_overvi...
    40: : [[Image:LaFonera_Hardware_Controlling_AC-Loads_via_webinterface_-_05_web-in...
    46: : [[Image:LaFonera_Hardware_Controlling_AC-Loads_via_webinterface_-_06_web-in...
  39. LaFonera Hardware SD-Card/Reader Position (6,152 bytes)
    1: ...ry:LaFonera_Hardware_(en)|Hardware]] / [[LaFonera Hardware SD-Card|SD-Card]] / Reader Position'''
    5: [[Image:Fonera_card_reader_complete-top.jpg|thumb|center|658px|Fonera with a blue ...
    10: both) card reader to take apart, or [[LaFonera_Hardware_SD-Card#Cheap_SD_Card_.22reader.22_.28floppy_cabl...
    13: Glue (epoxy resin or similar) OR Self adhesive plastic for a temporary solution.
    16: ...fe/Utility knife with a blade sutable for cutting plastic.
  40. LaFonera Hardware LCD Screen (3,119 bytes)
    2: [[Category:LaFonera_Hardware_(en)]]
    3: ...)|LaFonera]] / [[:Category:LaFonera_Hardware_(en)|Hardware]] / LCD Screen'''
    9: [[Image:LaFonera_Hardware_LCD_Screen_-_01_fonera_LCD.jpg]]
    12: ...e because of playing with IR receiver. So why not playing with serial 128*128 LCD ?
    14: ...nd animations. The uLCD model can only display simple stuff (line, cercle, text) and pixel after pixel...
  41. LaFonera Hardware IR Receiver (4,545 bytes)
    2: [[Category:LaFonera_Hardware_(en)]]
    3: ...)|LaFonera]] / [[:Category:LaFonera_Hardware_(en)|Hardware]] / IR Receiver'''
    8:, a diode, a resistor and a78L05 regulator as explained here. But this wont work with USB/serial ada...
    10: ... used with USB/serial and embedded system with simple serial port like… La Fonera.
    13: [[Image:LaFonera_Hardware_IR_Receiver_-_01_pcb.jpg]]
  42. LaFonera Hardware LaFoneraPlus (12,883 bytes)
    2: [[Category:LaFonera_Hardware_(en)]]
    3: ...egory:LaFonera_Hardware_(en)|Hardware]] / LaFoneraPlus'''
    6: = LaFonera Plus =
    7: There is a new Fon router : La fonera+ (plus). This router is quite similar than the classic...
    10: [[image:LaFonera_Hardware_LaFoneraPlus_-_01_case.jpg]]
  43. Hardware-specific (5,677 bytes)
    1: {{Languages|Hardware-specific}}
    2: ... follow the guidelines for your specific router. Please see [[Installation]] for more information. R...
    4: Please also see in [[:Category:Networking hardware tutorials]]
    6: ...outer is not in the list below''', [[Installation#Hardware-specific|be sure to check the other page]].
    8: =Hardware Brand=
  44. OpenVPN Router to Router Bridged Configuration Alternative (Hardware VPN) (5,716 bytes)
    1: ...uter to Router Bridged Configuration Alternative (Hardware VPN) ===
    2: ...are "like" vpn access for multiple computers or appliances)
    6: ...nt side to more than one client, device, and or appliance that does NOT have built in VPN capabilities...
    8: '''Examples Include:'''
    24: # Port 8080 will be used in this example, change this if you like.
  45. Hardware DIY/ru (33 bytes)
  46. Hardware DIY/zh cn (541 bytes)
    1: {{Languages|Hardware_DIY}}
    11: * [[:Category:LaFonera_Hardware_%28en%29|La Fonera的硬件摩丁部落]]
  47. Hardware/ru (2,765 bytes)
    1: {{Languages|Hardware}}
    51: [[Category:Hardware/ru| ]]
  48. Hardware-specific/fr (567 bytes)
    1: {{Languages|Hardware-specific}}
    4: ...omplète''' en anglais cliquez sur ce lien : '''[[Hardware-specific]]'''

Page text matches

  1. DD-WRT Doku (DE) (83,042 bytes)
    25: ...// Hardware-Support-Liste]''.
    27: ...oftware Lizenz [ GPL] ver&ouml;ffentlicht wurde.
    145: | keine ([ USB-Mod])
    208: ...// Hardware-Support-Liste]
    210: =Komplette Featureliste=
  2. Hinzufügen eines SD-Kartenlesers an den Linksys WRT54G (20,102 bytes)
    11: ...d <br>( )<br><br>
    19: * ein Linksys WRT54G (Hardware Revision < v5)
    92: ...auchen wir wirklich alle Bilder doppelt von einer Hardware Revision? Und muessen die so riesig und unscharf ...
    114: ...tstellen ausgesucht wurden, weil die den meisten Platz um die betreffenden GPIO-Leitungen beim Löten...
    153: an der Platine des WRT54G fest. Wie vorher erwähnt kommt j...
  3. Verizon FIOS setup with dd-wrt as primary router (5,626 bytes)
    5: ...-wrt loaded router instead of the Verizon FIOS Supplied ActionTec WI424WL router follow the setup step...
    19: ...easier for you to change any configuration if you plug an ethernet cable into one of the LAN ports at ...
    21: ...– Disable the Wireless of the AT if you don’t plan to use it. If you keep it enabled...set up you...
    35: ..."WAN", Set scheduler to "HFSC", Set the Download/Upload Speeds to about 80% of the advertised service ...
    39: ...ate set to 100M on all ports....Then click the "Apply" button at the bottom of the page. (see [http://...
  4. Hardware (3,608 bytes)
    1: {{Languages|Hardware}}
    5: ...(non-volatile RAM) also called flash space is the place where the permanent settings are stored. This ...
    16: what you are actually looking for. This can simply be a word or a [
    24: :Now you can play with the new settings or test user scripts but ...
    42: #define BFL_BTCOEXIST 0x0001 /* This board implements Bluetooth coexistance */
  5. Hauptseite (3,948 bytes)
    52: Sharing X86 Based]] (Drucker Sharing trotz X86 Hardware und V24SP1)
    54: ==Hardware-bezogene Beschreibungen==
    86: .../wiviz/ Es ist ein Open-Source-Projekt unter GNU GPL.
  6. Recover from a bad flash (41,825 bytes)
    16: # Replug the power cord.
    32: The LED display at the front of the router is the best way to d...
    38: or corrupt value exists in the NVRAM. Here simply clearing the NVRAM should solve the problem.
    42: # Unplug the power cord from the back of the router.
    44: # While holding down the Reset button, plug back in the power cord to the router.
  7. Glossary (58,851 bytes)
    15: ...e of a backend authentication server, which may implement some or all authentication methods, with the...
    31: ... requires newer equipment and generally have multiple antennas to take advantage of the MIMO features....
    60: ...led firmware will not boot or you cannot use the upload routine in the DD-WRT GUI. The default and rec...
    88: ...It is roughly analogous to the BIOS on the IBM PC platform. (thanks to Wikipedia)
    101: ... web server, and brings powerful features. You simply register there and create your hotspot. Then you...
  8. WDS Linked router network (21,578 bytes)
    18: ... on Qualcomm Atheros routers (see more under Multiple WLANs)
    27: and look up the model number and specific hardware revision. Ex: TP-Link 1043nd v3
    36: Before starting these instructions, please read [[Atheros/ath_wireless_settings|QCA Wire...
    66: * Click Apply, wait for the page to reload (Don’t close the ...
    113: * Click Apply, wait until the page reloads
  9. Linksys EA6500 V1 (23,843 bytes)
    90: for the V2. If you have a EA6500 V2, check the hardware specific page or the forum for support</font><p><...
    152: ...tps://!x4kxkCjb!JtJC0bEJIMzc41hWfybVc9zVPPlEBKZ6tNr-KfHN6-I Link]
    184: [!pwM1DbaD!XAlQEpI3dsCsPli8Fz07o9Abz3XtmDThWsWeE4fxiQA Link 2]
    200: * Making sure you have the [[#Find_your_hardware_version | V1 router]]<br>
    201: ===Find your hardware version===
  10. Kismet Server/Drone (18,210 bytes)
    25: will have to copy them to your desktop if you plan to interpret them (such as for WEP decryption)....
    26: ... of a server on your desktop machine is that multiple drones connected to the server will only generat...
    38: ... copying the files from the WRT but this quite complicated (especially for larger dumps).
    41: ...t able to do it - but the server does it ???). Simply try it - it might work for you.
    44: ...can create a Virtual Hard Drive [VHD] which is simply a file stored on your hard drive that holds the ...
  11. Chillispot (36,629 bytes)
    13: ...y make the wireless or LAN-connected computers display a "landing page" on users' browsers.
    35: ...ires changing your router flash and learning a completely new way of setting up the router, especially...
    40: and are familiar with Wiki-editing and Chilli, please update this Wiki with your preferred provider...
    50: ... show you a convenient customized screen-image displaying the entries for the DD-WRT device.
    53: ...encryption for the Wi-Fi for now. This greatly simplifies resolving issues.
  12. Wl command (24,951 bytes)
    3: ...e routers firmware to access and control wireless hardware. It can be accesed from a [[Telnet/SSH_and_the_Co...
    9: (For Atheros Hardware, this functionality is absent/less developed, and...
    22: Examples:
    29: Example:
    33: If you have multiple radios, then each one will have it's own interfa...
  13. Заводские установки (28,571 bytes)
    7: ''Нужно объединить с [[Hardware#NVRAM]].
    102: NC_SplashURL=
    203: wshaper_uplink=0
    299: wl_plcphdr=long
    373: wl0_plcphdr=long
  14. Ipkg (tutorial) (10,613 bytes)
    33: info [pkg [<field>]] Display all/some info fields for <pkg> or all
    34: status [pkg [<field>]] Display all/some status fields for <pkg> or all
    38: - arguments displayed in [ ] are optional
    75: ...libc and is also provided as IPK package. For example
    88: ...ths with setting correct LD_LIBRARY_PATH. For example programs that reside in /jffs/bin or /jffs/sbin ...
  15. Index:Misc/ja (966 bytes)
    18: * [[Hardware#NVRAM|NVRAM]]
    20: * [[Hardware#Overclocking|Router Overclocking]]
    22: * [[Hardware#Hardware_Modifications|Hardware modifications]]
    28: * [[Linksys WAP54G Hardware Spec]]
  16. Separate LAN and WLAN (outdated) (15,294 bytes)
    1: '''This guide is outdated, please see [[Separate LAN and WLAN]] instead.'''
    3: ...tain options from the [[Web Interface]]. (For example, advanced Routing from the Web Interface, when d...
    9: = Hardware =
    12: ... 0 (WAN) and port 6 (router). IPTables are then implemented on the router such that NAT'd routing is p...
    16: Please read [
  17. IPv6 (tutorial) (36,073 bytes)
    5: ... addresses for each of the roughly 6.5 billion people alive today, or about 57 billion addresses for e...
    14: ...rrent recommended build of the firmware (see your hardware forum for recommendations) using [[What_is_DD-WRT...
    43: ...hat you've to download still depends a lot on the hardware you're running on!
    50: # If you don't trust random people on the internet (which is a good thing) you'll f...
    93: ...nfigure explicit tunneling. This should be the simplest method to add IPv6 to your entire network.
  18. Miscellaneous (1,487 bytes)
    5: ...efinitions and considerable explanations. A great place for reference and general browsing.
    9: There are some pages that describe specific hardware with only a loose
    34: * [[Hardware#NVRAM|NVRAM]]
    36: * [[Hardware#Overclocking|Router Overclocking]]
    38: * [[Hardware#Hardware_Modifications|Hardware modifications]]
  19. Firewall (8,046 bytes)
    3: The simplest ip firewall has two physical interfaces normal...
    6: The simplest ip firewall - a packet filter firewall - can p...
    23: ...t deduce which client to send it to. Here are examples of protocols that has that problem:
    31: ...alled an [[wikipedia:Application_layer_firewall|application firewall]].
    33: Some examples of protocols that can port jump and/or create a...
  20. Bootvorgang (68,911 bytes)
    86: HDLC line discipline: version $Revision: $, maxframe=4096
    87: N_HDLC line discipline registered.
    103: Linux IP multicast router 0.06 plus PIM-SM
    265: arp Display or modify the ARP Table
  21. ¿Qué es DD-WRT? (4,318 bytes)
    3: ...firmware libre bajo los términos de la licencia GPL para la mayoría de los router 802.11g basados en...
    9: La nueva versión de DD-WRT (v23) ''es completamente un nuevo proyecto''. DD-WRT ofrece numero...
    13: ...ados, y soporte software para la modificación de hardware SD-Card.<br>
    30: ...ossary#Client Mode|Modo Cliente]] (soporta muúltiples conexiones de clientes)
    39: ...Card|MMC/SD Card Support]] (requiere modificar el hardware)
  22. Kismet on Linux (4,875 bytes)
    25: The /tmp directory is the only place on the wrt which is writable as it is stored o...
    48: ...ld be different if running another version of the hardware - this works with v2.2 of the wrt54g).
    63: If this works, it will display some messages ending with 'Allowing connections...
    91: logtemplate=%n-%d-%i.%l
    93: logtemplate=%h/%n-%d-%i.%l
  23. Wrt54g kismet with linux server (9,309 bytes)
    6: ...d itself. The client is the user interface to display the results on your screen. The server is the ...
    12: ...s reported to the user via the client will not display the correct signal strength.
    42: The /tmp directory is the only place on the wrt's file system which is writable as ...
    56: ...drone and kismet_drone.conf files the the correct place, delete the unwanted files and then make the d...
    94: ... machine at a time to connect to the drone and display the results.)
  24. Linksys WRT610N (11,615 bytes)
    2: ... was a top-of-the-line consumer Linksys device (replaced by the [[Linksys E3000|E3000]]) with the foll...
    10: ...or Broadcom devices. It's responsible for initial hardware configuration and subsequent booting of the (Linu...
    26: ... time on your WRT610N, you need to use a trailed (hardware-specific) build:
    29: ...s://'' in place of ''''
    36: For example, these are 2.4 kernel builds, only for v1 router...
  25. Feature requests (17,201 bytes)
    19: ...Content filtering features. (And make it plug and play. Too many linux distributions require the user ...
    25: ...mes" in order to save space, and allow people to upload news ones to the jffs parition as needed.
    29: ...easily added further downstream, whereas the best place to put VoIP and VPN functions is at the "upper...
    31: ...verse proxy (or similar capability) to allow multiple servers behind the router to share a single IP. ...
    37: * Allow the router to replace AirPcap: Wireless Packet Capture for Wireshark...
  26. Wiederbeleben (2,917 bytes)
    15: ...R am Port 1 per TFTP geflasht werden. Bei einigen Hardware-Revisionen ist der Port 1 am Switch der 4. Slot.
    81: [[Category:Flashing networking hardware/de]]
  27. Wiki discussion (5,344 bytes)
    4: ...slation and optimisation of Russian part of Wiki, please, link to that new version [[DD-WRT_(RU)]] fro...
    7: models from the current main page. The various hardware specific guides can be found via the Miscellaneou...
    21: ...d is [[Glossary:free software|free]] under the [[GPL]].
    27: ...s a long one. Is that OK? Do we need a brief explanation and a more detailed one?
    33: tell if it's bricked, all the common little complaints etc. But this is almost too large for an FA...
  28. Espanol (5,507 bytes)
    1: {{Template:Bienvenido}}
    18: ...uración]]''' <br/>Las tareas de configuración explicadas
    106:!#Suministrando Hardware o Dinero|Suministrando Hardware o Dinero]]
  29. USB storage (53,577 bytes)
    3: == Applications ==
    5: ... drives (notebook or desktop) can be converted simply by installing them in an inexpensive USB enclosu...
    6: ...s is full, a portion is swapped to disc and the applications continue to run normally, but with a spee...
    7: ... the NSLU2's capabilities (at a comparable price) plus offer all of the capabilites of a standard rout...
    18: * [[Belkin Play Max F7D4301v1]] - specs. [
  30. Wake-on-LAN (tutorial) (9,913 bytes)
    4: ...his (especially the latter) is dependent upon the hardware and BIOS/UEFI settings. Most modern computers hav...
    14: ...atic_DHCP#Configuration|static DHCP]]. In the example below, we assume your router LAN is 192.168.1.x ...
    15: ...T device's Web Interface to send test packets, in place of a second PC.
    38: * A good place to start is here: [http://www.smallnetbuilder....
    47: ...the full path to "/usr/sbin/wol" is important. Simply "wol" will not work.
  31. DD-WRT Docu (FR) (22,239 bytes)
    3: {{Template:Bienvenue}}
    8: ... une documentation technique et d'installation complète pour le firmware [ DD-W...
    13: ...c], lequel a été construit sur la distribution GPL originale de Linksys et sur d'autres projets open...
    14: ==Liste complète des fonctionnalités==
    23: client (Support de connexion pour clients multiples)
  32. Buffalo WBR-G54 WLA-G54 WLA-G54C WBR2-G54 WBR2-G54S (8,489 bytes)
    17: ...e added Buffalo header. After successful transfer please wait 2-3 min., or until router reboots.
    56: WLA-G54C hardware versions:
    67: ... Reset-button, let it enter troubleshoot mode (couple minutes), then power off second time, and power ...
    75: ...ys, ch.6, no encryption). Once you are connected, please telnet to the router and erase nvram (usernam...
    77: '''Please note:''' Clearing nvram will also change the ...
  33. DD-WRT Docu (IT) (14,289 bytes)
    5: ...bile che siano presenti imprecisioni o parti incomplete. Se vuoi puoi provvedere tu stesso alla modifi...
    16: ...orto software per l'utilizzo di SD-Card (modifica hardware).
    27: *Client Mode (supporta client multipli)
    57: *il supporto al WRT54G v.5 è stato implementato come da [
    143: alcuni esempi di scripting guarda [[Script Examples]]
  34. VLAN Detached Networks each with Wireless and Internet (4,809 bytes)
    11: ...ess which will be your private one wl0. You can apply WPA to this in the usual way. Then set up your f...
    13: ... 1 on the screen as this corresponds to port 4 in hardware.
    14: * Early hardware:
    15: * GL hardware:
    58: not implemented bandwidth shaping nor Hotspot splash page, but it's a start.
  35. Återställ från en dålig flash (907 bytes)
    10: [[Category:Flashing networking hardware/se]]
  36. Debugging PPPOE Problems (2,511 bytes)
    29: === Uplink ===
    59: line should display a session number and the hardware address
    62: If your uplink does not work properly or your DSL modem
  37. Useful Scripts (53,564 bytes)
    8: ...hould be considered a hack until the feature is implemented permanently.
    24: ...if you're receiving segmentation faults or your applications are failing to run, and even then only if...
    26: ...e above mentioned way of altering things is to simply copy /etc/profile to /jffs/etc, change PATH and ...
    49: Credit to hardwarewizard and frater
    105: # example command lines
  38. Recover from a bad flash/it (583 bytes)
    12: [[Category:Flashing networking hardware/it]]
  39. Switched Ports (21,682 bytes)
    2: This page explains how to finish proper configuration of VLAN's ...
    14: ...sical or virtual wireless interfaces using [[Multiple WLANs]].
    43: ==Explaining the connection between Hardware, VLANs, and NVRAM Variables==
    47: ===Visible Hardware, Internal Ports, and VLANs===
    48: ...ration_of_port_and_vLAN_mappings]] but lots of people get confused... so we'll make another attempt he...
  40. Afterburner (1,547 bytes)
    3: ... available on all DD-WRT enabled G routers. It is hardware independent. Afterburner will only improve speeds...
    16: * G Plus
    31: [[Category:Applications]]
  41. USRobotics USR5461 (11,735 bytes)
    5: The major hardware features of USR5461 router are listed in this tab...
    7: ... not recognized by DD-WRT firmware. Therefore, in place of the so-called "30/30/30 Reset" which requir...
    12: ...ilds (file size about 1700 KB) or DD-WRT '''micro-plus''' builds (file size less than 1870 KB) for ins...
    18: Note: In the example bellow we will use Brain Slayer's 13525 build: <...
    27: Please, read and understand all instructions in this...
  42. LaFonera Hardware serial to ethernet (1,034 bytes)
    2: [[Category:LaFonera_Hardware_(en)]]
    3: ...)|LaFonera]] / [[:Category:LaFonera_Hardware_(en)|Hardware]] / serial to ethernet'''
  43. Motorola WR850G (8,284 bytes)
    3: The Motorola WR850G is based on very similar hardware to the Linksys WRT54G except that it stores the M...
    5: The following instructions will only work with hardware versions v2 and v3 or the WR850G and the WR850GP....
    7: ...n though DD-WRT v23 SP1 and later knows about the hardware it is being installed on, you risk bricking the r...
    9: ... follow the guidelines for your specific router. Please see [[Installation]] for more information. R...
    23: ...e from *ATTENTION - These links are out of date. Please go to the main index, choose downloads, and s...
  44. Client Bridged (5,474 bytes)
    12: ...adio(s) would normally be set as ''AP''. For example, the 2.4GHz radio can a CB while the 5GHz is an ...
    14: ...d-wrt SP1 won't work. If CB will not work on your hardware, try [[Client Mode]] instead.
    16: Also note that on newer hardware and dd-wrt versions, e.g. MIMO radios, Client Bri...
    27: # Click SAVE, and then APPLY.
    33: # Click SAVE, and then APPLY.
  45. DD-WRT on WR850G v1 (deutsch) (17,039 bytes)
    16: ...r Funktion her ähnlich wie das BIOS in einem PC: Hardwareinitialisierung, interaktive Einstellungen, Betrie...
    59: Es gibt keinen GPL-Quell-Code für die Version 4.03. Überprüfe 5.1...
    116: ==Hardware==
    214: ...feld und <b>nicht Enter drücken</b> - click <b>APPLY</b> stattdessen!<br>
    226: Nun kommen wir zum kompliziertem Teil: benutzen Sie die <b>WAN-Nummer für...
  46. WR850G v1 (26,232 bytes)
    5: ... to fill them in - but make sure they apply to <b>hardware version 1</b> of the WR850G.</i>
    12: ...ortunately, there are a few pitfalls if you own a hardware version 1 (the one with the AC/DC converter in th...
    15: ...n't understand what the commands below are doing, please check with a good Linux/Unix textbook first,
    18: ... windows, or make your boss angry etc. You are completely on your own!
    24: I don't understand yet, hopefully the GPL source of fw 5.13 will give me some clues: all by...
  47. Airodump and using/overriding libraries (6,898 bytes)
    1: ...rienced odd errors. In this example, we will be exploring Airodump, a part of the AirCrack package, wh...
    16: wget
    23: ==Will Aireplay work?==
    24: ...ost it! If anyone has any info or wishes to help, please let me know!
    27: ...n error, then you're good to go! However, many people will get an error such as this:
  48. Spanning Tree Protocol (29,361 bytes)
    7: ...bled repeaters, or in an ad hoc network with multiple ad hoc connections.
    67: ...mittant and bugged me greatly, in that I could simply turn off Link3 and have no issues at all for mon...
    86: brctl comes with the following options I will explain in a moment
    194: ...lue containing the last active flag value (my example indicates a topology change has been detected)
    211: ...ercial hardware. Priority is one of the "needs to play nice" ones where the default 100 will make the ...
  49. Point-to-Point PPTP Tunneling usando dos DD-WRT (3,530 bytes)
    3: ...siguiente configuracion fue hecha con dos wrt54g (hardware version 2.2) y el firmware "DD-WRT v23 SP1 (04/13...
    159: *En el ejemplo el rango de ip que se dio para clientes vpn ("Cl...
  50. Factory Defaults (25,206 bytes)
    8: ''Merge needed with [[Hardware#NVRAM]].
    14: For example, let's say that Firmware A sets the imaginary va...
    27: ...s for it to not actually clear the NVRAM. Many people think of it and phrase it that way. What it is s...
    29: .... On some less-supported hardware this may have unpleasant results.
    32: ...y other avenue of unbricking should be tried multiple times before resorting to this.

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