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  1. Asus WL-520GU (19,455 bytes)
    3: ...[]
    9: ...provide sufficient space for the USB drivers/modules and FTP functions.
    16: ...ertain applications; albeit those mainly include resource intensive Optware programs like Bittorrent t...
    23: == Prerequisites ==
    24: ...ion Utility on a Windows client is by far the easiest way to flash the WL-520GU)
  2. Easy torrenting with dd-wrt (5,628 bytes)
    1: {{Languages|Easy_torrenting_with_dd-wrt}}
    9: This way impact of distributing large files are reduced to the network and server.
    10: ...t client which features a variety of user interfaces on top of a cross-platform back-end.
    11: It includes a built-in web server so that users can control T...
    12: ...ize their downloads at the level of individual files.
  3. Sshfs (5,291 bytes)
    1: {{Languages|Sshfs}}
    4: ...s is a [[network file system]], like [[NFS]] or [[Samba]]. From the [ W...
    6: ...ely served over SSH just as if they were local files on his/her computer. On the remote computer the S...
    9: ...thing to share, so a router with a usb port is necessary.
    13: == Advantages and disadvantages ==
  4. Nfs (385 bytes)
    2: NFS is a network file system for Unix, like [[Samba]] and [[Sshfs]].
    4: Unlike many of the [[Optware]] packages from the [[NSLU2-Linux]] project, the nfs-utils p...
  5. Network file systems (650 bytes)
    1: {{languages|Network_file_systems}}
    2: ...ports sharing of files, printers and other resources as persistent storage over a computer network. Co...
    3: * [[Samba]] is the Microsoft Windows default network file s...
    5: a simple network file system, useable in all OSes, using [[SSH]].
  6. USB on ASUS WL500GPV2 (9,930 bytes)
    7: ...icated elsewhere. Nevertheless, a lot of the guides I found only solved a piece of the puzzle. This ...
    10: ...D-WRT NEWD or NEWD-2 mini USB, or Big build releases that include full USB support. If using a mini fi...
    12: ...s. The mini is a fraction of the size, yet provides the vast majority of the functionality of the lar...
    18: BCM5354 CPU. It improves stability of USB devices.
    24: ...r-downloads?path=others%2Feko%2FBrainSlayer-V24-preSP2%2F BrainSlayer Builds]
  7. Buffalo WHR-G54S and WHR-HP-G54 SD/MMC mod (23,750 bytes)
    1: {{Languages|Buffalo_WHR-G54S_and_WHR-HP-G54_SD/MMC_mod}}
    2: ...tion for the Buffalo WHR-G54S and WHR-HP-G54 Wireless Router</div>
    10: ..., so there is no need to install modules or packages. All configurations can be done from the web inte...
    14: ...i-SD cards. '''So start with a SD card of 1GB or less to confirm that everything is working.'''
    15: 1GB does perhaps not sound like a lot, but for this applic...
  8. Документация DD-WRT (RU) (2,195 bytes)
    26: *[[Dual Access PPTP]]
    46: [[Установка Samba на маршрутизатор с DD-WRT]]
  9. Установка торрент-клиента Transmission на маршрутизатор с DD-WRT (3,019 bytes)
    2: [[Установка Samba на маршрутизатор с DD-WRT]],
    10: Updated list of available packages in /opt/lib/ipkg/lists/optware
    11: Successfully terminated.
  10. Установка Samba на маршрутизатор с DD-WRT (14,589 bytes)
    2: ==Установка Samba на маршрутизатор с DD-WRT==
    14: ...ругих провайдеров с PPTP Dual Access) здесь:
    18: ...о YuriKr): или Para...
    21: ... телнетом, вводим команду dmesg и ищем строки типа
    51: /opt/bin/ipkg-opt remove samba
  11. Transmission daemon (5,822 bytes)
    1: {{Languages|Transmission_daemon}}
    4: This is how I got it running (Sep. 2009 on v24preSP2 Eko dd-wrt.v24-12774_NEWD_mini_usb_ftp).
    10: '''Routers with less than 32MB of RAM will need a linux-swap partitio...
    15: * In web-GUI -> Services -> USB, auto-mount it as /mnt
    21: .../torrents # -p to make both directories at the same time
  12. Установка файлового менеджера Midnight Commander (2,283 bytes)
    5: ...трукция в вики: [[Установка Samba на маршрутизатор с DD-WRT]], ну...
    23: ...tartup: (если вы устанавливали Samba, то этот пункт пропустите)
  13. Slim samba2 (13,876 bytes)
    1: == Slim Samba2 for USB ==
    2: ... other CPUs you need the full Optware Samba packages.
    4: Out-of-the-box Slim Samba2 (v.5) has been designed to run on a USB drive with one or three part...
    6: Slim Samba it self is installed and run from the first parti...
    8: ...s in smb.conf - but for standard file server, SlimSamba should work fine out-of-the-box
  14. HDsamba2 (25,237 bytes)
    1: = HDsamba2 =
    2: ...ember 30st 2009) - (see also [[HDsamba2 update to samba3]])
    4: ...ll Optware Samba2 and use your DD-WRT router as a Samba2 USB HD NAS device.
    6: ... run the install script and HDsamba2 will do the rest for you.
    14: has shown that the Reboot Button in web-GUI DOES NOT RUN THE USB UNMOUNT SCRIPT.
  15. 教程 (8,580 bytes)
    1: {{Languages|Tutorials}}
    13: * [[Advanced_wireless_settings/zh_cn|无线高级设置]]
    14: * [[Access Restrictions|访问限制]]
    15: * [[Access To Modem Configuration|接驳Modem配置]]
    28: * [[Itunes remote|iTunes遥控器]]
  16. Configure Samba in Linux (2,749 bytes)
    1: ...s HOWTO we're going to prepare a Samba Filesystem Samba share specific for [[JFFS]]. This will work in se...
    3: === Install Samba ===
    8: sudo aptitude install samba
    11: aptitude install samba
    14: yum install samba
  17. VPN (the easy way) v24+ (38,045 bytes)
    1: ...nds, or to echo quoted certificates and config files using a shell script.
    3: ...enVPN Server on DD-WRT and his clients on either Desktop PCs or another DD-WRT box.
    11: For other routers, use the appropriate bin files and installation procedure, as per the DD-WRT web...
    20: Using a KEY_SIZE of 1024 you need about 5200 bytes available in NVRAM on the server-side before you ...
    21: Using a KEY_SIZE of 2048 you need about 6000 bytes available in NVRAM on the server-side.
    12: '''2.''' Install Samba on your router
    13: ipkg-opt --force-depends install samba
    19: ... > ICMP Settings > CHECK "Allow incoming echo request".
    21: ... You must be able to successfully ping the IP address of the remote Windows XP computer you want to sh...
    23: ...utdown for a remote system and change the properties to include the user or group you want to have thi...
  19. HDsamba2 update to samba3 (3,225 bytes)
    1: ... HDsamba2 installation from using Samba2 to using Samba3'''
    3: ... be very importent that you have swap running, or Samba3 is very likely to run out of memory.
    12: ...ave used the v3install.HDsamba2 script to install samba.
    17: This has been tested on:
    20: Using client machines:
  20. Samba3 (8,119 bytes)
    1: probably will need a swap if your router has less than 32Mb RAM or running other RAM consuming pro...
    3: '''Be sure to also check out the HDsamba script located in the forums if you want an all i...
    5: = Upgrading to Samba 3.5 =
    7: ....php/HDsamba2_update_to_samba3 HDsamba2 update to samba3]
    10: Tested on:
  21. Установка Direct Connect клиента microDC2 на маршрутизатор с DD-WRT (9,947 bytes)
    6: ...рее всего настроен сервер [[samba]] для доступа к этим файлам ...
    21: ...ека [ ncursesw]
    22: ipkg-opt install ncursesw
    36: Sharing 0 bytes (0B) totally
    90: ...записать в доступную через samba или ftp директорию, а дальше ...
  22. How to - Format and Partition External Storage Device (14,038 bytes)
    1: {{Languages|How to - Format and Partition External Storage De...
    4: those happen frequently on writes, this increases the life span of the solid-state device. Using E...
    8: ...l advantage of the thousands of installable packages that allow for incredible user control and add ex...
    10: Optware is a highly useful system, especially for those with routers capable of USB ext...
    12: ...ighest detail possible, how to correctly and painlessly perform the steps required to Format and Parti...
  23. Buffalo WZR-HP-G300NH (14,242 bytes)
    42: Buffalo provides a re-branded version of DD-WRT specifically for t...
    46: ...e appropriate download for the buffalo dd-wrt professional firmware. As of Aug.2012 - the buffalo dd-w...
    48: ...N is turned on automatically by default, which makes clients unable to communicate with each other on ...
    50: ...escribed here and can be fixed by startup script described in post 24 & 25.
    63: To save this configuration, press Save Startup on the Commands page.
  24. Пакеты (1,128 bytes)
    3: [[Установка Samba на маршрутизатор с DD-WRT]]
  25. Что такое DD-WRT? (41,715 bytes)
    1: {{Languages|What is DD-WRT?}}
    13: ...kipedia:Wireless Distribution System|WDS]] [[wireless bridging]]/repeating protocol, [[wikipedia:RADIU...
    18: ...S роутер или любой [[Supported Devices|поддерживаемый]] маршрутиз...
    26: *[[Glossary#Access Restrictions|Access Restrictions]]
    50: *[[Glossary#Samba|Samba FS Automount]]
  26. Asus WL-500g Premium V2 (13,166 bytes)
    1: For initial flash see [[All Asus WL-500xx series routers]]
    3: [[Asus WL500-- old descriptions#Asus WL500G Premium V2|"Old" wiki about ...
    7: ...v1 content here if anyone wishes, as the differences are relatively minor.
    19: ... conditions. The AC adapter is fairly slim and does not hog up multiple spots on a standard power str...
  27. “三八”文件系统 (9,399 bytes)
    1: ...g writable storage for the router) or you can use Samba to share a drive connected (typically by [[USB]])...
    3: ... Mini and Micro versions of DD-WRT do not contain Samba/CIFS. See the Wiki page [[What is DD-WRT?#File Ve...
    5: == 在 DD-WRT上 运行一 个 Samba客戶端 ==
    7: ... find a tutorial specific for JFFS in [[Configure Samba in Linux]]
    9: ...html?path=Mac/10.5/en/8201.html 10.5] “Share files and folders using SMB.” from the File Sharing o...
  28. Samba文件系统 (9,384 bytes)
    1: {{Languages|Samba Filesystem}}
    2: ...。另注一下,最新版本的DD-WRT已经将SAMBA集成在固件内了。
    4: ...-WRT固件。 Mini和Micro版本的DD-WRT不包含Samba/CIFS的。 参[[What is DD-WRT?#File Versions]]WI...
    6: == 在 DD-WRT上 运行一 个 Samba客戶端 ==
    8: ... find a tutorial specific for JFFS in [[Configure Samba in Linux]]
  29. NoCatSplash/zh cn (13,831 bytes)
    1: {{languages|NoCatSplash}}
    14: ...ect the DD-WRT box operator from legal attacks, does not make the authors of NoCat, or this Wiki, or D...
    15: ...Either SSH (more secure, recommended) or Telnet (less or not secure). Windows users use Putty, a free ...
    16: ...e folder, storing custom nocat scripts and web pages.
    18: ...ou would like connecting clients to be able to access, before clicking on I Agree on the NoCatSplash s...
  30. Конфигурирование (7,335 bytes)
    1: {{Languages|Tutorials}}
    47: * [[Dual Access PPTP]]
    56: ...>[[Сетевая файловая система Samba]]
  31. Asus WL-500g Premium En (13,154 bytes)
    6: ...ubject: Reply with quote This is a problem with these routers: If I set right value, then led turns of...
    10: ...sus_WL-500xx_series_routers|all Asus WL-500xx series routers]]
    12: ...]], Serial RS-232 connection, and as a very last resort there is the "pin 9 short option" [http://www....
    21: .... USB, Samba and printer support is required to present state by hand.
    23: ...ave no / jffs is available and no modules / packages can be installed (for lack of space).
  32. Asus WL-500g Premium de (14,302 bytes)
    7: This is a problem with these routers: If I set right value, so led turns off ...
    11: For initial flash see [[All Asus WL-500xx series routers]]
    13: ...]], Serial RS-232 connection, and as a very last resort there is the "pin 9 short option" [http://www....
    20: ...n Build (dd-wrt.v23 SP2) komplett unterstützt. Dies bedeutet die 32 MB RAM werden von Anfang an erkan...
    21: USB, Samba und Drucker Support benötigen zum derzeitigen St...
  33. Asus RT-N13U (27,544 bytes)
    1: ... later <b>'B1'</b>. Both have stable DD-WRT releases available.
    4: ...S drivers, including swap. Similar official releases are thought to be forthcoming, but the timeframe ...
    7: ...attached, and it even scratches your back. (:^) These are covered in detail below. (Web cam on the hor...
    16: From the earliest FW releases, FS drivers have been absent. While no extra stor...
    18: us all, gouryella brought the needed FS modules together, wrote the scripts, hosted everything on...
  34. IPv6 (教程) (26,913 bytes)
    1: {{Languages|:IPv6 (tutorial)}}
    5: ...orld for 32-bit (232, or 4,294,967,296) IP addresses to be sufficient.
    9: ...IPv6是很危险的。DD-WRT默认不包括ip6tables,也就是说在启用IPv6的同时所有客户...
    12: * [[Supported Devices|DD-WRT兼容的路由器]]
    45: ...igure explicit tunneling. This should be the simplest method to add IPv6 to your entire network.
  35. USB storage/zh cn (49,820 bytes)
    1: {{Languages|USB storage}}
    4: ... small "tag" which can store up to several gigabytes of data.
    5: ... Most standard internal hard drives (notebook or desktop) can be converted simply by installing them i...
    6: ... out of memory when the 32Mb of physical RAM in these units is full, a portion is swapped to disc and ...
    7: ...apabilites of a standard router and a wireless access point.
  36. AutoAP/zh cn (11,622 bytes)
    1: {{languages|AutoAP}}
    4: ...Client_Mode_Wireless | Client Mode]],或 [[Wireless_Bridge | Client-Bridged Mode]]等模式。
    12: ...lient_Mode_Wireless | 客户端模式]] or [[Wireless_Bridge | 客户端网桥模式]]。<br>
    32: ...下载 ( 内置AutoAP的固件(见sourceforge链接在"L...
    54: ==Samba==
  37. Optware/zh cn (45,404 bytes)
    1: {{languages|Optware}}
    9: SD/MMC Card], [[USB]]) is provided for packages.
    11: ...independence is also added. This means that packages now depend on /opt/lib/ and dynamic load...
    12: ... library somewhat greater than other uClibc packages, but still far smaller than glibc based aplicatio...
    14: Buildroot toolchain features:
  38. USB/zh cn (11,622 bytes)
    1: {{languages|USB}}
    8: 在 [[Supported Devices|支持的设备]]列表内, 仅有少许带USB...
    31: ...有版本均可通过安装USB所需kernel modules启用[[Journalling_Flash_File_System/zh_cn|JFFS]]...
    33: ...e ability to add external hardware easily makes these far more powerful units.
    37: ...sing [[Samba]]; an external hard drive also provides plentiful swap space for use as virtual memory.
  39. Journalling Flash File System/zh cn (14,236 bytes)
    1: {{languages|Journalling_Flash_File_System}}
    15: '''Examples of the kind of programs and data are''':
    16: * Custom configuration files
    17: * NoCat splash pages and configuration
    18: * [[Ipkg|ipkg]] (Requires JFFS. See ipkg.)
  40. Cellular Phone/USB Modem as WAN connection/zh cn (18,150 bytes)
    1: {{languages|Cellular_Phone/USB_Modem_as_WAN_connection}}
    13: ...nnected... Procede at your own risk, I assume no responsibility.
    24: use the command shell through a telnet or ssh session.
    25: *I will not go into too much detail for procedures that are already available as tutorials in the wi...
    26: ...involved BEFORE starting. I always believe it is best to know why you are doing something instead of j...
  41. USB mod WRT54 (3,184 bytes)
    2: ...e could add a USB port to the WRT54G. With the pressure off, because I had the new router already wor...
    6: 2 x 15K ohm resistors<br>
    8: 1 x USB connector & some wires<br>
    15: Locate the the necessary connection points:<br>
    18: ... used the shield of one of the antennas were it ties into board)<br>
  42. What is DD-WRT?/pt (52,338 bytes)
    1: {{Languages|O que é DD-WRT?}}
    4: ... oficial sob os termos da GPL para varios roteadores
    5: wireless ieee802.11a/b/g/h/n baseados nos designs de chips de referencia Broadcom ou Atheros.
    8: ...inSlayer de forma a pagar o seu salário, já que este é seu trabalho em tempo integral.
    10: produto ou rastreamento encontrados nos firmwares da Sveasoft.
  43. D-Link DIR-632 (11,027 bytes)
    7: ...u name it, the DIR 632 can handle it. It also serves as an excellent home router, since it's ideal for...
    19: *The biggest knock about this router is it's frequent WIFI dr...
    21: *No Wireless AC / IEEE 802.11ac.
    38: !Wireless NIC
  44. DD-WRTとは何ですか? (57,691 bytes)
    1: {{Languages|What is DD-WRT?}}
    13: ...pedia:Wireless Distribution System|WDS]]、[[wireless bridging]]/repeating protocol、よりセキュ...
    20: ...ータ WRT54G/GL/GS 又は他の[[Supported Devices|サポートされている]]ルータ
    27: ! Feature v \ Categories->
    35: ! [[:Category:Applications|Serv-<br>ices]]
  45. Asus RT-N13U, page 2 (20,356 bytes)
    10: === Differences in Hardware ===
    11: ...php/Asus_RT-N13U#Differences_in_Hardware Differences in Hardware] on page 1.
    37: === Mount FS by Direct Access Method ===
    38: ..._FS_by_Direct_Access_Method Mount FS by Direct Access Method] on page 1.
    53: I have just successfully installed and running this Transmission Tor...
  46. What is DD-WRT?/fr (53,667 bytes)
    1: {{Languages|À propos de DD-WRT}}
    3: based on a Broadcom or Atheros chip reference design.
    7: ... is available for free, although a different business model is being [
    9: ...ures not found in the OEM firmwares of these devices, or even the firmware available for purchase from...
    11: ...mware on large networks that are used for businesses, etc. However, there is now a bugtracker in place...
  47. À propos de DD-WRT (56,213 bytes)
    2: '''DD-WRT''' est un logiciel embarqué ([[wikipedia:Firmware|firm...
    4: ...General_Public_License|GPL]], et sur certains autres projets Open Source. DD-WRT a été créé suite ...
    6: Aujourd'hui, DD-WRT est disponible gratuitement, bien qu'un modèle éco...
    8: ...rqué vendu par Sveasoft. Il est aussi dégagé des obligations d'activation et de traçage du produi...
    10: ...nant un traçeur de bogue pour DD/WRT à cette adresse :'' [
  48. Ancienne page d'accueil FR (22,581 bytes)
    1: ...s et des personnes assurant la mise à jour. Ceci est bien-sûr ouvert à la discussion puisque rien n...
    9: =Description du projet=
    10: Le but du Wiki de ce projet est de créer une documentation technique et d'insta...
    11: Ce projet a été conçu à la base pour les routeurs Linksys WRT54G/GS/GL.
    12: ...és à écrire, éditer et à commenter les articles. Amusez-vous bien !
  49. OTRW2 (Optware the right way Take 2) (10,491 bytes)
    1: OTRW2 is the latest version of Optware for Broadcom routers. The ori...
    5: ... newer version OTRW2. Some information still applies to both versions, however it has been rewritten h...
    14: '''''(This page is a work in progress, information is currently being added and is not...
    17: = Prerequisites =
    26: [ 19519]
  50. Торрент-клиент Transmission (8,994 bytes)
    1: {{Languages|Easy_torrenting_with_dd-wrt}}
    20: ...я доступа к общему ресурсу samba в linux (Nemo, Nautilus, Caja) вы можете...
    54: ...-daemon: Transmission 2.94 (d8e60ee44f) started (session.c:740)
    55: transmission-daemon: RPC Server Adding address to whitelist: (rpc-server.c:971)
    56: transmission-daemon: RPC Server Adding address to whitelist: 192.168.2.* (rpc-server.c:971)

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