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  1. DD-WRT Manual (SE) (30,300 bytes)
    7: =Projektbeskrivning=
    19: ...dsprojekt. '''DD-WRT''' existerar som en som ett resultat av att Sveasofts tar $20 betalt för att lad...
    23: ...är inte rekommenderat att installera beta-firmwares på stora nätverk som används av företag m.m. ...
    25: ...ming network], [ WDS] [[trådlös brygga]]/f...
    43: ...ver minst 4MiB för att installeras; andra firmwares kan behöva mindre.
  2. Jffs sharing in a Linux server (2,764 bytes)
    2: ...s to explain how I finally succeded in mounting a samba folder from my Linux Server into my /jffs WRT54G ...
    4: ...changed the file smb.conf as well as the full process.
    6: ... should correct this wiki to improve security issues.
    8: ...achine or for example a nas drive with the FAT filesystem (that was my problem) and install a ext3 mod...
    22: Install samba if you don't have it:
  3. Wiviz (6,963 bytes)
    2: ...viz2] has recently been released! This version fixes the previous difficulty to accommodate all icons ...
    6: DD-WRT mini and full releases starting from V23SP3 come with Wiviz2 preinstalle...
    10:{{PAGENAME}}|talk page]] for further details. Desweitern scheint die Seite im Firefox nicht...
    17: ...tar -xvzf wiviz-jffs.tar.gz''' ''This extracts files''
    18: ...kes the symlink. Please note that there are 3 spaces in this line''
  4. Configure RSS feed output (5,806 bytes)
    1: {{Languages|Configure RSS feed output}}
    4: ...te a script that will output information to an accessible location in a format that is easy to modify.
    22: ...his is independent so it can take more or less lines of information as needed without a hicup. The on...
    26: And the can be accessed at:
    43: differently, I will attempt to explain the process so that if anyone wants to they can easily under...
  5. Asus WL-500W (8,082 bytes)
    6: ...D-WRT wiki, so if what is listed in this how-to does not suit your needs, '''search''' the Wiki and th...
    10: ...ors so do not use this or newer builds. This applies to the Asus WL-500W with a modified CFE as well. ...
    15: ...NEWD2 Big], or even a mini USB release that includes full USB support in a mini firmware package. Why...
    17: ...s. The mini is a fraction of the size, yet provides the vast majority of the functionality of the lar...
    34: ...s '''640KB''' which overwhelms the kernel and causes a panic. Even using a storage device with the com...
  6. What is DD-WRT? (20,620 bytes)
    1: {{Languages|What is DD-WRT?}}
    3: based on a Broadcom or Atheros chip reference design.
    7: ... is available for free, although a different business model was [
    9: ...tures not found in the OEM firmware of these devices, or even the firmware available for purchase from...
    11: ...DIUS|Radius Authentication]] for more secure wireless communication, advanced [[Quality of Service]] c...
  7. Version Features (30,481 bytes)
    1: .../ rules] for finer granularity of available features.
    3: ==Atheros Based Devices (incl. UBNT)==
    5: ...till pre-baked and specific to its unit, so features in one unit's version may slightly differ from an...
    7: ==Broadcom Based Devices==
    8: Broadcom based devices have several different versions available to choo...
  8. ¿Qué es "DD-WRT"? (11,698 bytes)
    1: {{Languages|What is DD-WRT?}}
    4: == ¿Qué es "DD-WRT"? ==
    6: Dispositivos Soportados].
    7: ... linux en el firmware oficial y su código fuente esta disponible bajo licencia GPL.
    10: ... debido a que Sveasoft comenzó a cobrar 20$ por descargar su software.
  9. RSS Feed Output (5,507 bytes)
    1: {{Languages|RSS_Feed_Output}}
    5: ...te a script that will output information to an accessible location in a format that is easy to modify.
    23: ...put is stored in /tmp/www/stat.html and can be accessed at (substitu...
    37: windows, and I will attempt to explain the process so that if anyone wants to they can easily under...
    41: ...nk></link><description>WRT54G</description>' | tee -a /tmp/rssfeed.xml;
  10. Instalación en el enrutador WRT54G(S) versión 5 (8,885 bytes)
    5: ... funcionado con mi <code>v5</code>. Lo que aquí resumo, simplificando un poco.
    8: ...ones estáticas, o autoriza otro servidor DHCP antes de empezar. Procura sea en la subred 192.168.X.X/...
    9: ...uenta, antes de comenzar este proceso, que <b>puedes dejar tu router inutilizable si algo va mal.</b>
    10: instalación, se pueden seguir los pasos para restablecer el firmware de Linksys en: http://linksys...
    13: Primero hay que "neutralizar" VxWorks antes de cargar ningún ''firm'':
  11. Samba (30 bytes)
    1: #REDIRECT [[Samba filesystem]]
  12. 什么是 "DD-WRT"? (53,158 bytes)
    1: {{Languages|What is DD-WRT?}}
    13: WDS] [[Wireless_bridging|无线桥接]]/中继协议、更安全...
    15: ...什么意思?其实就是德国德累斯顿 (Dresden) 的车牌字母。
    22: ...ys WRT54G/GL/GS 路由器或其他[Supported Devices|支持]的路由器
    29: ! Feature v \ Categories->
  13. Optware (46,421 bytes)
    1: {{languages|Optware}}
    8: * That Brainslayer disabled FPU emulation in changeset 20047 which breaks Optware on DD-WRT.
    9: ...F2012%2F07-20-12-r19519%2F 19519] might be the newest build that is compatible with Optware
    10: * [ Kong K2.6 compiled builds] are ...
    18: SD/MMC Card], [[USB]]) is provided for packages.
  14. Quick list of Optware packages (104,401 bytes)
    1: 1244 packages as of July 26th, 2011:
    2: 11 packages added from last August
    5: ....6-2 - Abook is a text-based addressbook program designed to use with mutt mail client.
    8: ...chronous resolver library and DNS resolver utilities.
    11: ...-decoder - 0.1.0-2 - A decoder for the apple lossless file format
  15. 配置 HOWTOs (4,703 bytes)
    5: This is a list of configuration guides most users will employ at least to a certain degr...
    6: ...nsulted by new users before setting up their devices'''.
    10: * [[Access Restrictions]]<br />
    12: * [[Client Mode Wireless]]<br />
    21: * [[Samba Filesystem]]<br />
  16. LaFonera Software jffssandmore (1,072 bytes)
    13: 1)set up and acess the jffs partition
    15: 3)set up cifs or samba to store captures packets with aircrack and to install ipkgs to mou...
  17. 启动脚本 (7,822 bytes)
    11: ==Prerequisites==
    13: * Know how to use and access [[Web Interface]]
    15: * (optional) test commands at the [[Telnet/SSH and the Command Lin...
    25: ...known as an NVRAM variable). Since flash memory doesn't get erased on startup, your "startup script" w...
    28: ==Prerequisites==
  18. AutoAP (11,423 bytes)
    1: {{languages|AutoAP}}
    2: ... lost, the script scans again and finds the strongest valid signal again, and maintains a continuous c...
    4: ...[[Client_Mode_Wireless | Client Mode]], or [[Wireless_Bridge | Client-Bridged Mode]].
    10: ... [[Client_Mode_Wireless | Client Mode]] or [[Wireless_Bridge | Client-Bridged Mode]].<br>
    17: ...nnect to any open AP and then every 30 seconds tries to download stand-alone AutoAP script. Once downl...
  19. Linksys WRTSL54GS (13,481 bytes)
    2: This page describes the installaton of DD-WRT on WRTSL54GS. WRTSL54GS...
    31: Filesystem 1k-blocks Used Available Use%...
    40: The usb disk modules are already in V24.
    61: BusyBox v1.9.2 (2008-05-24 13:31:54 CEST) built-in shell (ash)
    64: root@DD-WRT:~# dmesg
  20. LaFonera (en) (6,312 bytes)
    13: ...h=48px | height=48px }} <!--Feel free to change these icons-->
    19: ...|{{Click || image=Playground.png | link=LaFonera_TestingArea_(en) | width=36px | height=48px }}
    20: ...[LaFonera_TestingArea_(en)|Playground]]''' <br/> Testing area
    24: FON] service utilizes in order to spread Wi-Fi to wherever they are ins...
    26: * [[:Category:LaFonera_(en)|All categories]] of documentation about the LaFonera

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