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  1. Ipcop client (213 bytes)
    1: ...d-wrt as the client:
  2. LaFonera Software VoIP (2,771 bytes)
    8: ... on your LaFonera for switching calls gobally for free
    12: ...r less technical savvy relatives. Combine it with openvpn and you can manage it remotly.
  3. OpenVPN - Site-to-Site Bridged VPN Between Two Routers (15,515 bytes)
    1: {{Languages|OpenVPN_-_Site-to-Site_Bridged_VPN_Between_Two_Routers}}
    3: .../ Ethernet Bridging on].
    8: ...t stable release of the OpenVPN version of DD-WRT from [ D...
    12: # Download OpenVPN from [ HERE] onto the computer that yo...
    13: [ install OpenVPN onto your computer].
  4. LED Scripts (36,496 bytes)
    85: ...520pinout.txt+pinout+fonera&hl=fr&ct=clnk&cd=2&gl=fr According to this link]
    172: is going to be '''disabled'''. wifi-led on the front will go out.
    173: ... going to be '''enabled''' again. wifi-led on the front will light up.
    207: is going to be '''disabled'''. wifi-led on the front will go out.
    208: ... going to be '''enabled''' again. wifi-led on the front will light up.
  5. Fr:a propos (7,097 bytes)
    10: ...rouvées dans le firmware linksys, '''DD-WRT''' offre le [[Serveur Kai]] pour [
    25: ...x 251 mW - Attention 100mW max sont autorisés en France)
    68: ...p] (version STD + client [[OpenVPN]] - client Samba)
    121: [[Category:Categories/fr]]
  6. Fr:tutorials (1,711 bytes)
    21: [[SSH access from internet]]<br />
    28: [[WOL_FR|Wake On Lan]] (WOL)<br />
    30: ...[Interface_Web_Francais|Mettre l'interface web en français]]<br />
    42: [[OpenVPN]]<br>
    45: [[Category:Documentation/fr]]
  7. Gaming over VPN (1,705 bytes)
    1: ... up a private secure network between you and your friends for things like easy file transfer and lan g...
    15: ==OpenVPN==
    17: Create a openvpn bridged network (router to router or client to ro...
    20: ... on your PC. Unfortunately this requires support from both ends, as each router must be configured to...
  8. Optware, the Right Way (36,809 bytes)
    9: ...of Optware.<br>This page is for information OTRW (frater).<br><br>if you are looking for OTRW2 [http:/...
    17: * Fractal builds up to 20006
    23: == '''Frater's no hassle, newbie friendly Optware''' == [
    25: ...ves etc.) and the '''LATEST''' build! (preferably freshly flashed)
    62: ...l that is configurable to block certain countries from accessing your Webserver, FTP or just general W...
  9. OpenVPN - Site-to-Site routed VPN between two routers (126 bytes)
    4: [[Category:OpenVPN]]
  10. Changelog (7,371 bytes)
    15: ** Default Wireless TX Power increased to 70mW (from 28mW)
    19: ** AnchorFree Hotspot
    28: - verify that your download is authentic and free of errors
    46: ** [ FreeRADIUS] 2.2.3 ([
    49: ** [ OpenVPN] 2.3.4 ([ SV...
  11. OpenVPN - Site-to-Site Bridged VPN Between Two Routers/de (12,985 bytes)
    1: {{Languages|OpenVPN_-_Site-to-Site_Bridged_VPN_Between_Two_Routers}}
    6: ...ged VPN zwischen zwei Linksys WRT54GL Routern. ([[OpenVPN_-_Site-to-Site_Bridged_VPN_Between_Two_Routers]])
    7: ... Tutorials, unter anderem das deutsche Tutorial [[OpenVPN-Tunnel_Server_/_Client%2C_Netzwerke_verbinden]]).
    13: ...nVPN v2.0.9 mit dem GUI (zu bekommen unter
    36: >cd \programme\openvpn\easy-rsa
  12. The Easiest Tunnel Ever (8,780 bytes)
    4: will show you the basics of creating tunnel from your Android/iOS device to dd-wrt unit in a sec...
    18: ...t intends to be considerably more performant than OpenVPN.
    21: Starting from February 2019 and courtesy of BrainSlayer (Seba...
    26: ...s a two-dimensional version of the barcode, known from product packaging in the supermarket.
    35: From the ''Protocol Type'' drop-down menu, choose Wi...
  13. Asus WL-520GU (19,455 bytes)
    53: # Download this program to flash from Windows:
    62: # Navigate to and refresh until the router webgui shows up
    135: ...U Asus Firmware Restoration Utility] is available from the Asus support site under "Utilities" (instal...
    144: ...overy Utility to be able to connect and send data from your PC to the Router.
    170: Windows TFTP client may be downloaded from [ he...
  14. Easy torrenting with dd-wrt (5,628 bytes)
    8: join a "swarm" of hosts to download and upload from each other simultaneously.
    19: DD-WRT builds starting from March 2019 have new and modern way of downloadi...
    35: ...aemon will start automatically when you enable it from GUI and click apply, you just need to fill few ...
    49: If you use Wireguard or OpenVPN to access your localnet you can enter here IP (e....
    80: transmission-daemon: DHT Bootstrapping from 99 IPv4 nodes (tr-dht.c:156)
  15. Preventing Brute Force Attacks (8,921 bytes)
    5: Feel free to apply either the basic SSH protection or ski...
    9: ...estion by JoFa, and the legwork, testing and code from jbarbieri, you can now rest easy in having SSH,...
    21: ...ays, either via rc_firewall scripting, or through Frater's [[Optware, the Right Way]] using his ingeni...
    72: ...t's better to disable that anyway), nor VPN (PPTP/OpenVPN). It will not work on Micro(+) builds (as of SVN ...
    128: This sends any new connection for SSH or OpenVPN to the rate_limit chain. You can replace the <......
  16. 教程 (8,580 bytes)
    53: * [[SSH access from internet|SSH隧道方式访问互联网]]
    96: * [[OpenVPN]]
    97: * [[OpenVPN - Site-to-Site routed VPN between two routers]]
    98: ...PN - Site-to-Site Bridged VPN Between Two Routers|OpenVPN - Site-to-Site Bridged VPN Between Two Routers Us...
    116: * [[WLAN separate from LAN, with independent dhcp, etc]]
  17. VPN (the easy way) v24+ (38,045 bytes)
    1: ...24 SP1, it is now possible to set up DD-WRT as an OpenVPN appliance using only the web-based GUI. It is no ...
    3: This Tutorial shows how to set up an OpenVPN Server on DD-WRT and his clients on either Deskto...
    10: ...hen, install the "vpn" version of DD-WRT that has OpenVPN support. (Current filename: dd-wrt.v24_vpn_generi...
    18: All the data from the web-GUI is permanently stored in the NVRAM ...
    26: ...ates and activate VPN. Doing a factory reset may free up NVRAM, however, you will lose your existing ...
  18. Linksys WRT54G v1.0 & 1.1 (6,312 bytes)
    14: The above worked for me. I then updated from standard to dd-wrt.v23_vpn_generic.bin, which s...
    23: ...uild (also 13064). Found that odd things happened from to time, and the site survey did not work. Re-r...
    25: Bridge, all work fine. I have not tested VOIP, OpenVPN, etc., so do not know if these work in the build ...
    35: ..."continue" presented root/admin and here's my old friend dd-wrt! I can feel a new wireless bridge bei...
    44: ...actually worked reverted to dd-wrt.v24-12548_VINT_openvpn_jffs_small.bin switch works again (maybe 15280 ...
  19. Remote Scripts (12,481 bytes)
    24: Starts an openvpn session on the router using the configuration fil...
    67: puts "\t\tStarts an openvpn session on the router using the configuration fil...
    110: # taken from
    184: set dir( [file join / tmp openvpn]
    215: # Remove the pathnames from the certificates and keys in the config file
  20. Linksys WRT320N v1.0 (5,744 bytes)
    21: ...trailed generic (not nv60k nor nv64k) K2.6 builds from [
    22: ...d the trailed build (K2.6_mini_wrt320n.bin), then from the Linksys webgui, reset to defaults.
    26: ...g the router, push and hold the WPS button on the front
    52: #Press and hold the WPS button on the front of the unit.
    61: ...outer is not getting its WAN and DNS IP addresses from the ISP:

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