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  1. Useful Scripts (53,593 bytes)
    2: '''[[Main_Page|DD-WRT wiki mainpage]] / [[Index:Scripting|Scripting]] / Useful Scripts
    9: ...e a good reason for doing this, it should be considered a hack until the feature is implemented perman...
    36: Afterward put the line below inside a startup script
    74: # transfer - FTP Transfer ON/OFF (Default is OFF)
    75: # FOLDER - Location where backup scripts are stored
  2. USRobotics USR5461 (11,735 bytes)
    3: ...ers based on a Broadcom or Atheros chip reference design.
    10: ...VRAM which contains 128KB compressed CFE (Boot Loader). The rest of it (1870 KB) contains OEM/USR firm...
    12: ...-plus''' builds (file size less than 1870 KB) for installation on USR5461.
    14: ...these builds since you will be doing a first time installation of DD-WRT firmware on your original USR5461 route...
  3. Wiviz (6,963 bytes)
    2: ...ll icons on the screen by continuously moving all detected stations on a trajectory around the receivi...
    4: ... center; margin: 1em 10%; background: #80f082; border: #008000 1px solid;">
    9: =Installation of Wiviz (v1)=
    10: ...alk:{{PAGENAME}}|talk page]] for further details. Desweitern scheint die Seite im Firefox nich...
    13: # Use [ telnet or SS...
  4. Netgear WNR3500L (3,580 bytes)
    2: ...''smaller than ~7.3 MB''', or you will brick your device.
    8: ...ork. For build information and much more, see [[Index:FAQ#Where_do_I_download_firmware.3F|Where do I d...
    12: ==Installation of DD-WRT from Netgear Firmware==
    17: *Research the forum for "New Build" and router model threads before selecting a build.
    21: *Connect the PC to the router's LAN port (recommended to unplug everything else)
  5. Motorola WR850G (8,284 bytes)
    1: tutorial reflects the latest 23SP2 version the installation method may be different if you're attempting to i...
    3: ... the bottom of the Router. It should be listed under the FCC ID ending as V2 or V1.
    7: ...d on, you risk bricking the router when restoring defaults!'''
    9: ...t=51486], use this page to identify your router model correctly, and use the dd-wrt download search pa...
    11: =Installation=
  6. BWlog (1,057 bytes)
    2: ...rtup script one or more small packages are downloaded into WRT's /tmp.
    11: == Installation ==
    13: Short version (cut'n paste from
    16: wget
    24: See the links below for more details.
  7. Installation (19,920 bytes)
    1: {{Languages|Installation}}
    2: ... flashing. This article helps you determine which installation process is for you on your supported router, as w...
    11: ... with DD-WRT, please see wiki page '''[[Supported Devices]]'''.
    13: ...-WRT please see wiki page '''[[Known incompatible devices]]'''.
    15: ...ant to follow what is written for your particular device.
  8. Netgear R9000 (5,210 bytes)
    6: Netgear R9000 on wikidevi]
    12: ==Installation==
    13: [[Index:FAQ#Where_do_I_download_firmware.3F|Download]] a...
    16: ...cate to the router. The original Netgear firmware defaults to IP address, username "admin"...
    17: # Go to the Administration page - then Upgrade (or something similar).
  9. Accton (26 bytes)
    1: #REDIRECT [[Installation]]
  10. D-link (26 bytes)
    1: #REDIRECT [[Installation]]
  11. All Asus WL-500xx series routers (5,220 bytes)
    1: [[Category:Asus guides]]
    3: ...uidelines for your specific router. Please see [[Installation]] for more information. Remember to read the [ht...
    5: ...ld guides should be generalised, summarised and added to the Install list below, in an manner that wou...
    11: ...ommended). or even using the web-GUI (not recommended) have also been reported to work for some, for t...
    14: ...commended build for broadcom devices, how to upgrade properly and how to test if you need to use VINT ...
  12. D-Link (584 bytes)
    1: ...tly, and use the dd-wrt download search page ([[Index:FAQ#Where_do_I_download_firmware.3F|Where do I d...
    4: Click the D-link guides link below.
    6: [[Category:D-Link guides| ]]
  13. Linksys WRT54G v2.2 (1,689 bytes)
    6: ==Installation==
    7: ...NOTE:'''</font> '''For flashing, only connect the device to the computer.'''<br>
    13: ...inksys webgui at if a ''Management Mode'' page open, power cycle again
    15: #Go to ''Administration->Firmware Upgrade'' and select [
  14. USRobotics USR8200 (6,455 bytes)
    14: Reset the device to defaults.<br>
    16: ...ince the device has the Jungo loader installed by default we have to change it to Redboot to get DD-WR...
    18: You will need a lil [
    20: ... Redboot itself. The latest version can be downloaded here: [
    23: Installation of RedBoot can be accomplished with the jungo-ima...
  15. What is DD-WRT? (20,620 bytes)
    3: ...ers based on a Broadcom or Atheros chip reference design.
    5: ...ects. DD-WRT was created directly from Sveasoft's decision to start charging for their firmware, closi...
    7: drafted] in the past by BrainSlay...
    9: ...d features not found in the OEM firmware of these devices, or even the firmware available for purchase...
    13: ...DD-WRT is the German car numberplate code for Dresden.
  16. WHR-HP-G54 (24,416 bytes)
    8: * Please include - antenna type, environment (indoor, outdoor, obs...
    10: == Installation of DD-WRT ==
    11: See DD-WRT Wiki article: [[Installation#WHR-G54S.2C_WHR-HP-G54.2C_WZR-HP-G54]].
    15: update this with the Maximum file size you can determine if it is bigger then the value above.
    18: ...byte SDRAM chips and a 4 Megabyte flash chip. The device has a total of 16Mb RAM and 4Mb Flash.
  17. Instalación (27,687 bytes)
    1: {{Languages|Installation}}
    8: ** RT210W, ver notas de instalación para Siemens SE505 v1
    10: ...SUNA:en&sa=X&oi=froogle&ct=title (b&uacute;squeda de productos)]
    34: ** W54-RT, ver notas de instalaci&oacute;n para Siemens SE505 v1
    39: ...B de memoria flash. Las versiones "full" y "mini" de DD-WRT requieren 4MB para ser instalados; la vers...
  18. Netgear WNDR4500 (3,670 bytes)
    4: {| border="1" cellspacing="0"
    41: {| border="1" cellspacing="0"
    72: ====Initial DD-WRT Installation====
    83: ...(with header) '''.chk''' firmware file you downloaded from table above.</li>
    91: ====DD-WRT Upgrade====
  19. 什么是 "DD-WRT"? (53,158 bytes)
    7: ...费的,但 BrainSlayer [|起草了] (另外一种商业模...
    13: ...Gaming network] 的 [ Kai 守护程序]、[http://en.wi...
    15: ...么意思?其实就是德国德累斯顿 (Dresden) 的车牌字母。
    22: ...Linksys WRT54G/GL/GS 路由器或其他[Supported Devices|支持]的路由器
    24: * 按照[[Installation |安装]]说明将固件安装到路由器上
  20. Optware (46,421 bytes)
    10: * [ Kong K2.6 compiled builds] are however...
    14: ...ser-friendly tutorial, on how to use optware on older DD-WRT builds (until build [http://www.dd-wrt.c...
    18: SD/MMC Card], [[USB]]) is provided for packages.
    20: ...s now depend on /opt/lib/ and dynamic loader also in /opt/lib with separate /opt/etc/ld-opt.s...
    29: ...e or optware-devel meta package provides complete development toolchain for compiling programs on rout...

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