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==Screenshot== ==Screenshot==
[[Image:Ipfiltersettings.JPG|alt IP Filter Settings at DD-WRT v23]] [[Image:Ipfiltersettings.JPG|alt IP Filter Settings at DD-WRT v23]]
=Another Solution= =Another Solution=

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A lot of people keep asking/telling that their router seems to slow down/crash/hangs/stops responding.
Usually these people are running P2P software like emule, bittorrent shareaza or something else.
You might want to play a little bit with the values, to fit it to your own needs.


  • Go to the Web-Admin and log in
  • Go to 'Administration'
  • Go to 'Management'
  • Enter the following values at 'IP Filter Settings'
    • Maximum Ports: 4096
    • TCP Timeout (s): 90 or 120
    • UDP Timeout (s): 90 or 120


alt IP Filter Settings at DD-WRT v23

Another Solution

DD-WRT has an inbuild proxy feature that allows rewriting of html content to filter activeX cookies etc. As this is load intense you may want to disable this feature. This should be done under


Unfortunately this function has 3 bugs

  • Though all 4 checkboxes are unchecked the rewriting proxy is still running (you might have to reboot)
  • It drops connections if under heavy load
  • It probably runs haywire checking traffic on other ports than 80, hence the slowdown with p2p applications (unconfirmed)

The only solution is to totally disable the firewall (which I do NOT recommend) in Security->Firewall This fixes all slowdowns

This behavior has been seen in v22 and v23 Please report this to the maintainer and put it in the bug database