Netgear WNR2000V2

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THESE INSTRUCTIONS ARE FOR THE VERSION 2 MODEL ONLY! This is the WRONG FILE for a V1 and V3 is not yet supported (at the time of writing this!)

  1. READ the peacock announcement:
  2. Download this file Note that this is a K26 file and all flashes of this router will require a K26 build!
  3. Push the reset button on the back of the router for 1 minute and release it.
  4. Attach a cable to the router and disable any wireless on your computer. Make sure the cable goes from your computer Ethernet connection to a LAN port (Not WAN port) on your router.
  5. Wait until you have a connection with the router
  6. Login to the router at
  7. At the password prompt, put admin/admin or admin/password for the username/password
  8. Go to the Router Upgrade link on the left side of the router gui and click on it
  9. Navigate to and Choose the file that you downloaded, double checking that it is the mini-WNR2000v2.chk file and not some recipe your grandma sent you or some other router file
  10. When it asks you if you want to upgrade to a different version, click on yes.
  11. Wait FIVE full earth minutes after the upgrade appears to have finished. You can watch the lights on the front if you need something to do. As long as they are changing, you need to sit quietly and wait! If you screw this up you WILL brick your router. When the green light and the blue light and the port light that you are plugged into have all stopped blinking, you should be all right as long as you have waited FIVE FULL MINUTES!
  12. Log onto the router at
  13. Change your username and password to something you will remember by TYPING in the boxes and hitting enter.
  14. Do a proper HARD RESET on your router as outlined in note 1 of the peacock announcement. THIS STEP IS IMPORTANT!
  15. Repeat steps 12 and 13 and go in and configure your router. Hit save as you make your configurations before you switch to another tab, and when you are done, hit APPLY.