Netgear WNDR4500

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Hardware Specs

CPU Broadcom BCM4706
CPU Speed 600 MHz
Flash ROM 128 MB
RAM 128 MB
Radios 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz
WLAN Support a/b/g/n
WLAN Max Speed 450 mbps on 2.4Ghz and 450mbps on 5Ghz
Antenna Location Internal
Switch 4x GigE LAN + 1 GigE WAN
USB 2x USB 2.0


There are two (2) versions of the WNDR4500 which have different power adapters and take different firmware:

Version WNDR4500 (v1) WNDR4500v2
Label on Router WNDR4500 WNDR4500v2
Power Adapter 12VDC 5A brick type with AC cord 12VDC 2.5A wall wart
Initial DD-WRT Flash 26138 mega 26138 mega

Be careful to flash the correct firmware for your version!

Flashing Instructions

It's always good practice to read the Peacock Thread for reference on Broadcom based Routers.

Initial DD-WRT Installation

To go from stock Netgear firmware to DD-WRT on a WNDR4500 using DHCP:

  1. Connect PC to one of router's LAN ports with no other network connections to the PC.
  2. Turn on router, wait for Power light to go green, then reset router:
    1. Hold down Reset switch with a straightened paper clip for 20 seconds.
    2. After releasing Reset switch, router should reboot with much flashing of lights.
    3. Wait again for Power light to go green.
  3. Clear web browser cache.
  4. In web browser, go to
  5. Click on “Router Upgrade” in menu at left.
  6. Upload special .chk firmware file you downloaded from table above.
  7. Wait up to 5 minutes after router says it is done for it to reboot and Power light to go green again.
  8. Reset router (as above), and wait for router to reboot and Power light to go green.
  9. In web browser, go to
  10. Login and configure DD-WRT.

DD-WRT Upgrade

Download .bin (not .chk) file of desired build from DD-WRT FTP server.

Locate correct firmware in folder netgear-wndr4500 or netgear-wndr4500v2 on main page of build.

(Do not use folder broadcom_K26 or broadcom_K3X.)

Follow Initial DD-WRT Installation procedure except using Administration > Firmware Upgrade.

Build Information

[coming soon]

Forum thread for reference: