Netgear WNDR3400

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ONLY the version 1 model is supported. Version 2 is not supported as of yet. Someone who has this router and is familiar with the proper process on how to flash it needs to edit this page.

THESE INSTRUCTIONS ARE INCOMPLETE AND USING THEM COULD EASILY BRICK YOUR ROUTER. They are provided as a start so that someone can complete them who is familiar with this router.

This router only uses k26 builds and ALL flashing must be with a build with k2.6 in the name.

  1. Read the peacock announcement at the start of the broadcom forum. Read it all. Carefully.
  2. There are two files available. Someone who is familiar with the difference between these needs to complete this page. I suspect one is for north america and the other is for elsewhere, BUT I AM NOT SURE OF THIS!