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Hardware Specs

CPU Broadcom BCM4706
CPU Speed 600 MHz
Flash ROM 128 MB
RAM 128 MB
Radios BCM4360 5 GHz & BCM4331 2.4 GHz
WLAN Support a/n+ac 3x3:3 & b/g/n 3x3:3
WLAN Max Speed 450 Mbps on 2.4Ghz and 1300 Mbps on 5Ghz
Antenna Location Internal
Switch 4x GigE LAN + 1 GigE WAN
USB 2x USB 2.0
Power Adapter 12VDC 5A

v1 Hardware

This is the Wiki for v1 hardware, which has just "R6300" printed on the label on the bottom of the unit. Please do not get confused and try to use it on a v2 (R6300v2), which has a different CPU and is not covered here.

Flashing Instructions

It's always good practice to read the Peacock Thread for reference on Broadcom-based routers. It is an excellent historical reference that provides valuable insight on how these devices work and related processes/procedures.

Initial DD-WRT Installation

To go from stock Netgear firmware to DD-WRT on the R6300:

  1. Download initial flash (.CHK) firmware for R6300. Recommended: Kong K3-AC
  2. Reset router:
    1. Turn on router, wait for Power light to go solid green.
    2. Use end of straightened paper clip or similar object to press and hold Reset button on back of router for 20 seconds or until flashing of Power light signals router reset to factory default configuration.
    3. Release Reset button, and router should reboot with much flashing of lights.
    4. Wait for Power light to go solid green again.
  3. Disconnect PC from any network (wired or wireless).
  4. Connect PC Ethernet port to a router Ethernet port (not the yellow Internet port) with a cable, and wait for PC to be configured by router DHCP (which can take up to a full minute).
  5. Open Web browser and clear cache. (Initiate by holding down Shift and Ctrl while pressing Delete.)
  6. In Web browser, go to or
  7. Enter Netgear default username & password of "admin" & "password" respectively (no quotes).
  8. Click on Advanced > Administration > Router Update
  9. Browse to special .CHK file you downloaded in Step 1 above, and proceed.
    If you get a message stating the firmware you are loading is the same or older than the firmware on the unit, ignore the message, and load the .CHK firmware anyway.
  10. After router says it is done, wait until it has fully rebooted and the Power light has gone solid green again. (This may take several additional minutes.)
  11. In Web browser, go to and verify DD-WRT successfully installed.
  12. Reset router (as described above), and wait for Power light to go solid green again.
  13. In web browser, again go to and you should see the DD-WRT create password screen.
  14. Set a strong Password, Login, and configure DD-WRT.

DD-WRT Upgrade

[coming soon]

Return to Stock

Flashing back to stock Netgear firmware is supported. Use the DD-WRT Web interface to upload Netgear firmware, and then reset the router as described in Initial DD-WRT Installation.

Build Information

Recommended build for this router: Kong K3-AC 25015-SP1

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