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| ? | ?
| 2MB | 2MB
-| requires CFE Compressor Gv8.x+| CFE Compressor Gv8.x required
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| ? | ?
| 2MB | 2MB
-| requires vxworks prep and killer+| vxworks prep and killer required
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Micro-plus is a version of dd-wrt micro originally created for debugging purposes, on devices having only 2MB of flash memory. It has enhanced Busybox functionality, such as an expanded shell prompt, tab completion, and ls and top commands, each of which had been stripped from the normal micro version. There is also a version of Micro-plus with SSH support.

Can my device run micro-plus?

4MB+ flash can run it no problem. But the focus is on devices having only 2MB flash:

The only 2MB devices which currently have the ability to run micro-plus must have a small CFE (bootloader) of 128K in size. You can check if your router is capable by doing the following:

  1. Do a CFE backup (using the normal v24 micro build of dd-wrt). Save it somewhere safe!
    • If the size of your downloaded cfe.bin is 128K, you can safely flash micro-plus and enjoy the benefits.
    • DO NOT flash micro-plus if your cfe.bin is larger than 128K (most are actually 256K) or if your CFE backup somehow fails with zero bytes in size!

Where to download it?

Micro-plus is currently not an official release of the stable tree, but with your help, we hope to make it so. For now, you can find it in downloads/others/eko/v24_TNG directory. It is built by Eko, a lead dd-wrt developer.

Devices known to support a 128K CFE

Please add any dd-wrt compatible device you found to support a 128K CFE:

Brand Model Hardware revision FCC-ID Flash size Status "linux" partition*
Asus WL-520gC - MSQWL520GUGC 2MB micro-plus confirmed -
Belkin F5D7230-4 v1444 K7SF5D72304 2MB micro-plus confirmed -
Belkin F5D7230-4 v2000 K7SF5D7234A 2MB SF micro-plus confirmed -
Buffalo WHR-G125 N/A FDI-09101584-0 4MB not restricted 0x00020000
Linksys WRH54G v1.0 Q87-WRH54G 2MB micro-plus confirmed -
Linksys WRT54G v7.2  ? 2MB CFE Compressor Gv8.x required -
Linksys WRT54G v8.1 Q87-WRT54V81 2MB micro-plus confirmed -
Linksys WRT54G2 v1  ? 2MB vxworks prep and killer required -
USRobotics USR5461 - IXM-RTGBR02 2MB micro-plus confirmed -
  • SF = Serial Flash. You must use special SF build of dd-wrt micro/micro-plus on units having 2MB serial flash.
  • The "linux" partition starting at 128K (0x00020000) may leave extra JFFS space compared to units having a 256K CFE. To determine the address, use the dmesg command (4MB+ flash required).

Additional info regarding the Micro Plus project