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Alternatively you can login into [ IRC]: Alternatively you can login into [ IRC]:
-* Network: [ FreeNode]<br />+* Network: [ FreeNode] or [irc://] <br />
* Channels: [[IRC_Channel_dd-wrt|#dd-wrt]], [[|]] (German)<br /> * Channels: [[IRC_Channel_dd-wrt|#dd-wrt]], [[|]] (German)<br />

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The Wiki is currently being overhauled, articles are on the move.
Sorry for the inconvenience. We're working hard to make information easier for you to access.
Feel free to join the discussion on overhauling the wiki.

The DD-WRT Documentation Website is available in several languages:

To Download the Great DD-WRT visit
Walthero's MediaWiki is used to build up a tutorial for DD-WRT.

Any Questions/Problems?

If you have problems, please have a look at our general English WRT54G/GS discussion forum and the DD-WRT discussion forum English and German.

Alternatively you can login into IRC:

You can also use the bugtracker at: (registration required)

Related Projects and Challenges

For those interested in using a WRT54G to access public networks, imagine a dynamic Javascript-based interface, to scan for networks, with real time signal strength and antenna adjustment, and a point and click configuration to link up to a selected network. There is already an excellent Open Source project under GNU GPL that does some of these things:

Forum Post:
Lament has ported Wiviz to DD-WRT:
Information on how to get Wiviz running.

It still needs some repairs and the click to connect feature.