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[edit] Changing or Cloning the MAC Address

MAC Cloning on any interface can be enabled in Setup > MAC Address Clone. MAC (Media Access Controller) addresses are in hexadecimal format, comprising letters A-F and digits 0-9.

To change a MAC address, simply click Enable. Clone WAN MAC and Clone Wireless MAC will appear. In most cases, you will want to change the WAN MAC.

  • Get Current PC MAC Address will auto-fill the MAC address of the PC you're connected to the web UI with.
    • This is primarily used when establishing service with an ISP that requires you to register your equipment's WAN MAC address to be able to use their services, as a method of keeping track of billing and/or bandwidth monitoring.
    • If the ISP doesn't allow you to change what MAC is registered with them, or makes the process difficult, you can instead have DD-WRT clone the MAC address of the PC or router that is registered with your ISP.
  • Manually entering a new MAC address can be used for many things, such as linking two routers together, or "spoofing" to force your ISP to give you a new IP address.
    • "Spoofing" can be used if you would like to maintain anonymity on the internet, as once someone knows your IP, they can do a multitude of things such as hacking or banning you from your favorite website/game server(s). Changing your WAN MAC address should cause the ISP to issue you a different IP address. If you wish to use this option, make sure it does not violate your ISP's ToS, or "Terms of Service" agreement, and you must have an IP address that is dynamic. It is also not wise to do this if you have a Digital Phone service.