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Linksys WRT600N

Version 1.0

Pre-Build 3 Firmware

If your Version 1.0 firmware is prior to Build 3, you can simply TFTP the firmware to the router or use the web interface.

Flashing DD-WRT from v1.01.33 build 3 or earlier

Simply use TFTP or the web utility to flash DD-WRT from stock firmware. Unlike other models, you can go to the mega version directly since the WRT600N does not expect any special headers (it accepts generic images [HDR0]) As usual, reset before and after each flash. Do not use firmware prior to v24!

Flashing DD-WRT from v1.01.35 build 5 or later

Simply flash using the steps indicated in the v1.1 section below.

Reverting to Stock Firmware

Simply reset and flash the stock image via TFTP or through the web interface. Make sure to reset after flashing.

Version 1.1

Flashing DD-WRT

Download this file that BrainSlayer posted. It contains a fix for the new switch not working and also has a trailer on the end of it so it can be flashed through the web interface or by using TFTP.

Reverting to Stock Firmware

Simply reset and flash the stock image via TFTP or through the web interface. Make sure to reset after flashing.

LEDs and Reset Button Don't Work

The power and 5ghz LEDs cannot be fixed by using the gpio utility. However, you may be able to resolve other LED issues by using this article.

Discussion with Linksys Tech

Discussion with Linksys via live chat (14 May 2008)

(Not really sure if this should be here -- I recommend removing it. It doesn't really serve a purpose other than to show how misinformed and unhelpful Linksys support is. [jmh9072])

Linksys Rep: Hi, my name is <name censored>. How may I help you?
Martin: I have a WRT600N build 5 
Linksys Rep: It's good to have you Martin. What seems to be the problem?
Martin: I'm surprised to see build 5 isn't listed on the site - the latest firmware is build 3.
Martin: I have 1.01.35 build 5
Linksys Rep: The build 5 is for the version 1.1 WRT600N.
Martin: ok - so build 3 is for version 1.0?
Linksys Rep: Yes.
Martin: So I should be able to find the 1.1 build 5 on the website & I've just been looking in the wrong place?
Linksys Rep: No.
Linksys Rep: The build 5 isn't uploaded yet Martin.
Martin: right, that makes sense. I don't see the 1.1 listed on the dropdown on
Linksys Rep: The version 1.1 is a new hardware version for WRT600N.
Martin: So there are no known problems with build 5?
Linksys Rep: Not yet.
Linksys Rep: So far. :-)
Martin: I was reading
Martin: "Watch out what version and manufacture date you get with the WRT600N. I purchased this router a week ago and ended up with Version 1.1 build in March 2008 with firmware release 1.01.35 build 5. This firmware isn't listed on Linksys website. The problem with this router is buggy firmware that can not be upgraded or downgraded using TFTP or using the Linksys GUI!! I contacted Linksys and without much of a problem they promptly issued an RMA to replace the router. The Linksys tech mentioned that there is a problem with this router and firmware upgrades are not possible. Nice one Linksys!!! "
Linksys Rep: It can't be upgraded since it doesn't have a firmware update.
Linksys Rep: How can he downgrade it if the build firmware is the first release?
Martin: But it will be upgradable once there is a firmware to upgrade to?
Martin: He probably wants to run DD-WRT. 
Linksys Rep: Yes it is.
Linksys Rep: That's the problem.
Martin: what's the problem?
Linksys Rep: Our new routers can't be loaded with DD-WRT unlike our old routers.
Martin: whyever not? 
Linksys Rep: The RAM for the newer routers is not enough to accommodate the DD-WRT.
Martin: there's less ram in a 600N than a 54G?
Linksys Rep: Yes.
Martin: I think some people have got DDWRT on the 600N already
Martin: But it is buggy still - e.g. the gigabit ports don't yet work
Linksys Rep: We are preventing third party firmware to be loaded on the router.
Linksys Rep: Aside from that, it voids the warranty once third party firmware is loaded on the router.
Linksys Rep: That I don't know.
Linksys Rep: They are genius if they've done that.
Martin: I've always bought Linksys stuff because I had the option to run alternative firmware
Linksys Rep: I understand.
Martin: As long as you could replace the alternate firmware with a stock linksys one I don't see why Linksys should lock the hardware
Linksys Rep: I don't know the reason behind Martin. Our Product Engineers designed the router.
Martin: They'll lose the influential customers - we end up doing tech support for everyone in our families
Linksys Rep: You're right. I understand that.
Martin: Anyhow, seems like the 1.1 build 5 should be listed on the Linksys site.
Martin: otherwise misinformation spreads
Linksys Rep: It will be soon Martin.
Linksys Rep: Just keep posted on our website for any updates.
Martin: Is there an RSS feed for the updates?
Linksys Rep: As of this writing, no not yet.
Martin: Funnily enough, if Linksys are blocking firmware updates I'll probably never take them. Instead I'll stay on build 5 and switch to DDWRT as soon as they've stabilised it.
Linksys Rep: That's a good idea Martin. But please be aware that it voids the warranty once the DD-WRT is loaded on the router.
Martin: Well, a 1 yr warrantee is better than nothing. MIght take that long for them to get DDWRT stable I suppose!
Linksys Rep: Okay.
Linksys Rep: Is there anything else that I can assist you with?
Martin: The uncertainty about whether future versions will be flashable with alternate 3rd party firmwares will mean I will think very carefully before recommending the Linksys line to friends who will follow. They'd have to know which firmware it came with. The staff at the shop I bought it at didn't know about this one even, so I used the serial number heuristic.
Martin: You can take my comments back, I guess.
Martin: Thanks for your help. Its been some peace of mind.
Linksys Rep: You're welcome.