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[edit] 怎样刷新固件

注意: During configuration or flashing a device, the only that should be hooked to the device is the computer and power.

警告: 只有DD-WRT的v23或更新的版本才能运行此型号。若你使用的版本比较老,你需要参考 Recover from a Bad Flash页面。

从正在运行Linksys的WRT54G v4版本的原版固件的设备上进行刷新固件,若要刷新的固件大于3MB的,将不被接受。 (如果您非要试试,你将得到一个提示: "Upgrade are failed!" (此时还不会变砖滴,放心。) 因此你需要先在路由器上刷mini版的DD-WRT固件之后,再从mini版的DD-WRT固件上再其他版本的固件。 (当然大于3MB的固件就不受限制了。)


  1. 到:此页查阅公开发布的peacock 公告
  2. 根据peacock 公告所说对路由器做一次(30/30/30)硬复位。 【注:30/30/30复位大法,也称尝试复位,具体操作为:断开路由器电源,按住复位键,接通电源,等待30秒;开机状态下,按住复位键30秒;反复执行此类操作,达到尝试复位。多试几次就有效果出来了啦!】
  3. 你将的电脑的IP设为静态的192.168.1.7,子网掩码为255.255.255.0.。
  4. 从您的电脑连接局域网电缆连接到您的路由器的LAN端口。请确保您的路由器插上电源。除了局域网电缆,其他什么都不要和你的电脑或路由器相接。关闭你电脑上的防火墙及关闭无线网卡。
  5. Power cycle the router (uplug the power from the router for 30 seconds and then plug it back in)
  6. Open your browser to by putting that in the browser address window of your browser. You should open the linksys webgui and NOT a page that says Management Mode. If you see management mode, power cycle the router again.
  7. Leave the username blank and enter "admin" as the password
  8. Go to administration and firmware upgrade
  9. Navigate to the folder that you are using, and select dd-wrt.v24_mini_generic.bin
  10. Hit upgrade
  11. When you get a success, wait FIVE FULL minutes.
  12. If you don't get success, repeat from steps 6 up to this one. If you still don't get success, clear your browser cache. Try using a different browser as well, to navigate to
  13. When you can access the dd-wrt webgui using a browser at, power cycle the router.
  14. When you can again access the dd-wrt webgui using a browser at, do another HARD reset on the router.
  15. At this point you can choose to put a different build on, depending on what you needs are.
  16. To log into dd-wrt, use username root, password admin.
  17. Reset your computer ethernet connection to auto IP and auto DNS

[edit] old wiki material

This page needs to be brought up to date and cleaned up. Until someone qualified to do so turns up knowing it needs to be done and willing to do it, The following information and workaround may be helpful: DD-WRT v23 is obsolete, thus so is most of the information in this wiki page. It is widely believed that the Linksys WRT54GL is exactly the same as the WRT54G v4.0. The wiki page for Linksys WRT54GL is much more current than this one as of this writing. Thus, the following page may be of more use to WRT54G v4.0 owners than the information below. Linksys_WRT54GL --Jimbo123 07:40, 13 December 2009 (CET)

WARNING: Only DD-WRT v23 and newer will run on this model. If you use an older version, you will need to Recover from a Bad Flash.

The stock firmware from Linksys on the WRT54G v4 won't accept a firmware image over 3MB in size (you will get the error: "Upgrade are failed!" if you try) so you will need to flash the mini version of DD-WRT onto the router BEFORE flashing the std or voip versions. (Remember to hold reset button for 30 sec after flashing mini version.)

The following are the steps that I went through to get DD-WRT v23 installed on a WRT54G v4 (or WRT54GL). I tried to take screenshots of each step as I went, so as not to confuse anyone. Following the instructions found at Steps_to_flash_through_Web_Interface, I was eventually successful in getting DD-WRT installed. I will use some of the text from those instructions as well as inserting my screenshots and other encounters not mentioned in the above link.


[edit] How To Flash

[edit] Download the DD-WRT v23 firmware


[edit] Reset through the Web Interface

if you forgot the password or IP of your router, proceed to step 2b.

  • From a PC connected to one of the 4 LAN ports on the router open a web browser and go to the IP of the router (default IP is
  • You will be prompted for username and password. Username is not required. Enter password (default password is admin) and you should be at the Web Interface of your WRT54G v4

  • Click the "Administration" tab.

  • Click the "Factory Defaults" sub-tab.
  • Select "Yes".
 image:DD-WRT WRT54G v4 -StockFactoryDefaults.jpg

  • Click the "Save Settings" button.
  • A warning will pop up, click "ok".
 Image:DD-WRT WRT54G v4 -StockFactoryDefaultsWarning.jpg

[edit] Reset to factory defaults

  • Press and hold the reset button on the back of the router for 30 seconds. This will clear your NVRAM, the configuration and reset the password to admin.

Be aware that if your router currently has an OpenWRT firmware running on it, then using the reset button may brick your router. Research your current firmware to be safe.

[edit] Upgrade Firmware

Do not turn off the computer, close the web browser, or turn off the router during this process!!!!!
  • From a PC connected to one of the 4 LAN ports on the router open a web browser and go to the IP
 image:DD-WRT WRT54G v4 -StockLogin.jpg

  • You will be prompted for username and password. Leave username blank, enter password admin. Now you should be at the Web Interface of your WRT54G v4.

  • Click the "Administration" tab

  • Click the "Firmware Upgrade" sub-tab.
 Image:DD-WRT WRT54G v4 -StockFirmwareUpgradeTab.jpg

  • Click the "Browse" button and select "dd-wrt.v23_mini_generic.bin" file you extracted in step 1.
 Image:DD-WRT WRT54G v4 -StockBrowseMiniFirmware.JPG

  • Click the "Upgrade" button.
 Image:DD-WRT WRT54G v4 -StockSelectMiniFirmware.jpg

  • The router will take a few minutes to upload the file, flash the firmware, and then reset.
 Image:Dd-wrt login.jpg

  • Here is where my experience was a bit different than the instructions said it would be. I never got success message, instead of got a failed message. This is when I started to get a bit nervous that I had bricked my brand new router! So I started reading furiously through all the documentation I could get my hands on about recovering a bricked WRT when I relaunched "" and found that DD-WRT was working! Don't ask me... but the flashed seemed to have worked perfectly despite the error message I got.
 Image:DD-WRT WRT54G v4 -StockUpgradeFailed.jpg
  • Additional note #1: as of version v23 SP1 the default login username/password has changed from <blank>/admin to root/admin.
  • Additional note #2: if you are flashing the router using Firefox, it may warn you a dozen times that some scripts are very slow, giving you the option to stop that script, or continue. You should press continue (or use alternate browser). To fix the unresponsive script issue in Firefox, navigate to about:config, then increase the integer value of dom.max_script_run_time from 5 to 20.
  • Additional note #3: make sure you are plugged in directly to the router with a network cable. Going through a switch or hub doesn't count (and believe it or not it doesn't work...I spent several hours following these instructions going through a switch with failure after failure. Please plug in directly to the router!).

  • If flashed successfully you will now be at the DD-WRT web interface and the Router Name will be DD-WRT.
 Image:DD-WRT WRT54G v4 -DD-WRT Working.jpg

[edit] Reset to factory defaults AGAIN

  • Repeat step 2 above. Note: step 2b (the manual way of clearing the NVRAM) is recommended to make sure the radio gets the correct parameters.

[edit] Upgrade the Firmware to DD-WRT STD v23

  • It is strongly advised that you enable the "Boot Wait" option under the "Administration" tab before continueing. This will help you recover in the future should you flash your router improperly. If you use v23 or higher the "Boot Wait" option is enabled by default.
  • Download the STD Version 23 HERE ( or go to the DD-WRT downloads section at
  • Extract it

  • Click the "Administration" tab
  • Click the "Firmware Upgrade" sub-tab.
 Image:DD-WRT WRT54G v4 -DD-WRT UpgradeFirmware.jpg

  • Hit the browse button and select dd-wrt.v23_generic.bin that you just extracted.
 Image:DD-WRT WRT54G v4 -DD-WRT SelectSTDPackage.jpg

  • You should see the progress of the flash like so:
 Image:DD-WRT WRT54G v4 -DD-WRT STDPackageProgress.jpg

  • If the upgrade went well then you should see a success message. You're done!

[edit] Troubleshooting

  • If your router fails to reboot (power light doesn't stop flashing, no web interface, etc) you will need to Recover from a Bad Flash.