Linksys WRT54G v3.0

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[edit] Initial Flash

NOTE: During device flash, it is recommended to connect the router to the computer only, via ethernet, and to clear the internet browser cache. Alternatively, pressing Ctrl-F5 will force a cache-bypass refresh of the current page.

  1. Restore factory defaults in the Linksys firmware.
  2. Go to the tab Administration > Firmware Upgrade and select the downloaded trailed 14929 mini build
  3. Wait for five minutes
  4. Login to the DD-WRT GUI at
  5. Do a Factory Defaults (GUI) or hard reset
  6. Wait until you can again login at
  • If problems are encountered, upgrade to latest firmware for WRT54Gv3 and retry

[edit] Updating DD-WRT Firmware

  • Refer to the Peacock announcement for recommended builds. Do not use the Router Database.
  • For newer builds, refer to "New Build" threads, or those specific to this model.
  • This can run any broadcom folder build except mega. Do not use k26 nor k3x.
  1. It is recommended to reset prior to flashing. Administration > Factory Defaults
  2. Go to the DD-WRT Administration -> Firmware Upgrade page and select the downloaded firmware
  3. Wait six minutes to flash
  4. Reset after flashing.
  5. Access the dd-wrt GUI at, set a username and password
  • Do not restore settings from a backup unless from the exact same build file
  • Newer is not always better, and always reference the forum for New Build threads.
  • Builds are located: ftp or https

NOTE: build 22118 std [1] is the last std build that will run on this router. All later std builds until the builds released in late 2017 will not fit in the flash partition and those builds do not have a compatible radio driver, see [2]