Linksys WRT54GS v3.0

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Updated Flashing Instructions=

Always make sure your broswer cache is cleared before doing this procedure

1) Restore Factory defaults from linksys webgui, download this dd-wrt build WRT54G Trailed Build

2) Set a static IP on computer than you are flashing with, set it to

3) Access the linksys webgui at l:admin p:admin

4) Go to the tab Administration > Firmware Upgrade and select the WRT54G Trailed Build file that you downloaded in step 1.

5) Go ahead and flash, you need to wait 6 minutes for file to completely flash safely, do not power cycle or reset in any way!

6) Browser should refresh to the new dd-wrt webgui at prompting you to change your user/password. Go ahead and enter a temporary user/pass.

7) Once in the dd-wrt webgui go to Administration > Factory Defaults and select to restore factory defaults.

8) This will hard reset your router, which will take about 2-3 minutes to complete.

9) After it is finished you can then re-access the dd-wrt webgui at, it will again want you to set a user/pass, go ahead and do so, then begin to set settings and enjoy dd-wrt.

  • Also as a side note, if you intend on using DHCP, you will want to unset your static ip.
  • If you want to run a different build flavor you are not limited to only running mini, this unit can run micro, mini, nokaid, and std flavors of dd-wrt. Do not use anything bigger than those or risk bricking your unit.
  • Newer builds can be found in the dd-wrt file server. I use broadcom specific eko builds on my v3 which can be found in his build branch of the ftp. Currently I use 15230 mini-hotspot-kaid which seems to work well. Remember, newer is not always better and you should always reference the forum for build posts.

Other Notes

[Comment added 05/03/06 by PhoneBoy] On my WRT54GSv3, I found that the device wouldn't take ANY firmware unless I reset it using the button rather than just factory reset from the web interface. Word of warning. I was able to download and install the firmware for the purposes of getting vpn up and running. The firmware installed and everything is as before. however, still no vpn.