Linksys WRT54GS v1.0

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How To Flash


Initial Flashing:

  1. Read the peacock announcement at the top of the broadcom forum!
  2. Device had the original Linksys firmware on it.
  3. Connected power and Ethernet cable to the router.
  4. 30-30-30 Hard Reset.
  5. Waited until lights returned to normal (longer is better).
      • There is A LOT of WAITING. Cannot emphasize that enough. Waiting is the key. **
  6. Connected to using Internet Explorer.
  7. Download this file:
  8. Go to the firmware upgrade page and upgrade the router to the file you downloaded in the previous setp
  9. Wait at least five full earth minutes AND until you get until Upgrade Successful message and lights returned to normal.
  10. Do a 30-30-30 Hard Reset.

Now you can can begin configuring your router.
Start by going to with your web browser and TYPING in a user name and passphrase. Do NOT ever save these with the web browser.