Linksys WRT150N & WRT160N

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The process for flashing the WRT150N and the WRT160N v.1 & v.3 are the same. V.2 of the 160n IS NOT SUPPORTED. Do NOT try to flash V.2 routers with this process.

  1. Read Note 1 of the peacock announcement
  2. Read Note 3 of the peacock announcement
  3. Download latest firmware. At time of writing:
  4. Do a HARD reset on your router
  5. Plug a cable into the lan port of the router and your computer, and disable any wireless to the computer. Disable all firewalls and virus protection. (Setting your computer to a static IP should not be required)
  6. Set your browser to This will open up the linksys webgui
  7. Enter the username admin and password admin
  8. Go to the administration tab. Click on firmware upgrade.
  9. BROWSE to the .bin file you downloaded.
  10. Click on the upgrade button and WAIT for the upgrade successful message.
  11. Power cycle your router. (very important) WAIT until you can relogin at
  12. Do a PROPER HARD 30-30-30 reset on your router (very important) WAIT until you can login at
  13. Click on any tab. Reset your username/password by TYPING in a new username/password
  14. Configure your router

You can now upgrade to any generic dd-wrt build except Mega and Micro. Be sure to always do a hard reset prior to flashing another build, do a power cycle followed by another hard reset after flashing, and NEVER re-use a configuration file from a previous build or another router. Reconfigure from scratch.

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