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-[[Category:English documentation]] 
-[[Category: Linksys]] 
-'''Linksys RV042'''<br><br> 
-THX to voidit 
-CPU: Intel IXP425 @ 266MHz<br> 
-Ram: 32 MB (2x16MB Hynx HY57V281620ETP-H)<br> 
-Flash: 8MB (Numonyx JS28F640J3D75)<br> 
-Switch: Infineon ADM6999 (8 port) <br> 
-1 serial port (unsolderd)<br> 
-1 jtag port (unsolderd)<br> 
-1 mPCI port (unsoldert)<br> 
-==CPU info== 
-cat /proc/cpuinfo<br> 
-Processor : Intel XScale-IXP425 rev 1 (v5b)<br> 
-BogoMIPS : 266.24<br> 
-Features : swp half thumb fastmult edsp<br> 
-Hardware : Intel IXP425 IXDP425<br> 
-Revision : 0000<br> 
-Serial : 0000000000000000<br> 
-=Orig firmware= 
-1.3.13tm <br> 
-user: admin <br> 
-pw: admin <br> 
-==Telnet access== 
-Login to the device.<br> 
-Access the following site on the webif:<br> 
- <br> 
-Change the ip if needed.<br> 
-The device will answer a status page and if u see:<br> 
- ... 
- Mfg_Status=Support Console Simulation !<br> 
-Telnet will be reachable on port 23 
-After enabling telnet access u are able to do a full flash backup. You will need a lil [ .py script] that will do the backup of the orig flash content and flash the new redboot. A backup of this script can be found here: [[Media:Jungo-image.jpg|Jungo-image.jpg]]. But u will have to rename it to! 
-==Busybox shell== 
-To enable the busybox shell do 
- exec /bin/sh 
-==Linux version== 
-cat /proc/version <br> 
-Linux version 2.4.19openrg-rmk6-ds1 
-=External links= 
- <br> 
- <br> 

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