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Testing Area

put all new stuff here. needful things will be sorted in the wiki structure from time to time

some very important values

maximum performance

  • TX Power maximum = 20
  • Antenna Gain = 0

questions / answers / news

Are the GPIO pins that are brought out on SW1 used for other purposes, or can we do with them as we please? Daemondust


How to setup fonera to be a normal AP (= extend wired LAN over WIFI, no NAT, no DHCP provided by fonera (should be possible to get IP from DHCP on wired lan when connected to AP))? Cipis

contact to developers or beta-tester

the forum

You can either go to the dd-wrt forums and post your request there

by web-based communication

or you can contact any of the people who like to help someone which are listed here:

  • wildblue!
    ICQ 151356151
    email ben(at)

this page was made by wildblue!