LaFonera Hardware Power-Sources

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LaFonera Battery Pack or Car-Adaptor

You cannot use a LM7805 as La Fonera uses 2 amps, and most output 1 amp. They might be usable if you used a pair of them in parallel. For building the plug, a SCSI Zip 100 power adapter tip can be used instead of the original adapter. You can even use a LiIon battery and a stepup circuit. (or power LaFonera from the inside without the 3,3V regulator)

For those willing to take the LiIon approach, make sure you get a battery with built-in battery protection, which prevents the battery from bursting in flames (literally) when shorted, over or under-charged. It is also better to get a proper LiIon charger, which will work within the safe parameters of the battery.