LaFonera Hardware Disassembling

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* [[LaFonera_Info_Hardware-Specifications|Hardware Specification]] * [[LaFonera_Info_Hardware-Specifications|Hardware Specification]]
* do it yourself LaFonera guide * do it yourself LaFonera guide
- +* [ More LaFonera disassembly in High-Res]

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Inside the fon router

Image:LaFonera Hardware Disassembling 01.png Before christmas foneros was giving away free routers to countries in europe. The router itself is tiny: it fits nicely in the palm of my hands (and i have small hands).

Included is a 5 v Ac/Dc converter and a simple user manual.

Anxious to see what was inside i started dissassembling. On the way i took some pictures for you all to see so read on!

As the router is small, it does not provide any additional LAN ports. One WAN port , DC input and the External RP-SMA connector with antenna can be seen in the picture below.

Image:LaFonera Hardware Disassembling 02.jpg

Disassembling the LaFonera router

Remove the mounting screws that are located under the rubber paddings:

Image:LaFonera Hardware Disassembling 03.jpg

Remove the antenna:

Image:LaFonera Hardware Disassembling 04.jpg

Pry off the white casing using a flathead driver:

Image:LaFonera Hardware Disassembling 05.jpg

Below you can see the top side of the main board. It seems to have one additonal antenna soldering point.

There is a serial port connector next to the two capacitors.

Image:LaFonera Hardware Disassembling 06.jpg

The bottom side of the board:

Image:LaFonera Hardware Disassembling 07.jpg


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