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== Latest DD-WRT Version == == Latest DD-WRT Version ==
-Last DD-WRT build for La Fonera is '''2006 - 0113_2'''.+Last DD-WRT build for La Fonera is '''2006 - 0116'''.
You can download here: [ Download Section] You can download here: [ Download Section]

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La Fonera Hardware Specifications

La Fonera Hardware Specifications

Latest DD-WRT Version

Last DD-WRT build for La Fonera is 2006 - 0116. You can download here: Download Section

Flashing DD-WRT on La Fonera

La Fonera Flashing

Building DD-WRT for the La Fonera from Source

Downloading the sources via SVN

svn co svn:// DD-WRT will download the complete source-files in a directory called DD-WRT.


Please put all information about this Topic here!

Bugs in DD-WRT for La Fonera

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ToDo List for the Fonera DD-WRT Firmware

(feel free to add or remove some items)


  • Fix WDS not working in WDS AP mode (also no SSID)
  • pppoe (message that it is no mips binary)
  • Restore the firmware-configuration data (backup works)
  • Fix Lan/Wan interface, when connected wired Fonera is inaccessible
  • Fix Lan/Wan Wlan bridge, "assigning WAN Port to Switch" not working
  • Fix creation and erasing of Virtual Interfaces
  • Fix Webif bug when change gateway setting
  • Fix wireless security, mac addresses for filtering turn into zeros in table
  • Activate encryption for Virtual Interfaces
  • Virtual interface if deleted from webconfig is NOT taken down and removed

AddOns: SD/MMC Driver

  • Web flashing & upgrading
  • fon.cgi (for one of the virtual interfaces)

Already fixed in Version [???] :

  • WPA-PSK and TKIP (didn`t work with Windows XP)
  • Backup the firmware-configuration data


  • jffs2 on fenora
  • X-Link Kai
  • Sniffer (as Kismet) or Scanner (as Wi-viz) on Fonera Client Mode Kismet HTML Client Beta or Wi-viz Wiki Page
  • Original or compatible client Fon to update active Fonera on maps Fon Maps
  • Enable SIP Express Router or support (OpenWrt edition), so each Fonera can switch SIP phone calls.
  • Enable the creation of FAKE Virtual Interfaces to confuse lamer near house ;)
  • Packages-Tab in the Web-Interface
  • FTP/SMB(/HTTP)-Tab in the Web-Interface
  • Enable WLAN LED work (maybe using FON's source code)
  • Enable reset button (the hole on the bottom), should clear "nvram" partition (maybe there

can be other uses too)


(Please put all your HowTo's here!)

Open WRT

La Fonera Support Page for Open-WRT

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