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== ToDo List for the Fonera DD-WRT Firmware == == ToDo List for the Fonera DD-WRT Firmware ==
(feel free to add or remove some items) (feel free to add or remove some items)
Bugs:- Bugs:-
* '''Web flashing & upgrading''' * '''Web flashing & upgrading'''

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La Fonera Hardware Specifications

La Fonera Hardware Specifications

Latest DD-WRT Version

Last DD-WRT build for La Fonera is 2006 - 0113_2. You can download here: Download Section

Flashing DD-WRT on La Fonera

La Fonera Flashing

Building DD-WRT for the La Fonera from Source

Downloading the sources via SVN

svn co svn:// DD-WRT will download the complete source-files in a directory called DD-WRT.


Please put all information about this Topic here!


Please put all information you will find out about this new topic here!

ToDo List for the Fonera DD-WRT Firmware

(feel free to add or remove some items)


  • Web flashing & upgrading
  • Fix WDS not working in WDS AP mode (also no SSID)
  • pppoe (message that it is no mips binary)
  • Restore the firmware-configuration data (backup works)
  • fon.cgi (for one of the virtual interfaces)
  • Fix Lan/Wan interface, when connected wired Fonera is inaccessible
  • Fix Lan/Wan Wlan bridge, "assigning WAN Port to Switch" not working
  • Fix creation and erasing of Virtual Interfaces
  • Activate encryption for Virtual Interfaces
  • Fix Webif bug when change gateway setting
  • Virtual interface if deleted from webconfig is NOT taken down and removed
  • Fix wireless security, mac addresses for filtering turn into zeros in table

Already fixed in Version [???] :

  • WPA-PSK and TKIP (didn`t work with Windows XP)
  • Backup the firmware-configuration data


  • X-Link Kai
  • USB-Support (For USB Memory Stick's, Printer's,...) via GPIO
  • Fonera SD-Card hack
  • Fonera Battery Pack or Car-Adaptor
  • Sniffer (as Kismet) or Scanner (as Wi-viz) on Fonera Client Mode Kismet HTML Client Beta or Wi-viz Wiki Page
  • Original or compatible client Fon to update active Fonera on maps Fon Maps
  • Enable SIP Express Router or support (OpenWrt edition), so each Fonera can switch SIP phone calls.
  • Enable the creation of FAKE Virtual Interfaces to confuse lamer near house ;)
  • Packages-Tab in the Web-Interface
  • FTP/SMB(/HTTP)-Tab in the Web-Interface
  • Enable WLAN LED work (maybe using FON's source code)
  • Enable reset button (the hole on the bottom), should clear "nvram" partition (maybe there

can be other uses too)

Open WRT

La Fonera Support Page for Open-WRT

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