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The JFFS File System allows you to have a writable Linux File System on your router running DD-WRT.
This allows you to save custom configuration files, host custom Web pages stored on the router, etc.

If you really need or want to use JFFS you have to first enable JFFS under the Administration page,
and either:

1) use mini firmware on WRT54G (still doesn't leave much room...)
2) get a WRT54GS with bigger flash (not much more expensive than WRT54G but gives quite a bit of room, 14MB free with VoIP) (in the WRT54GSv4 they have changed the memory sizes to the WRT54G sizes)
3) get an Asus WL-500G deluxe (more expensive but gives unlimited room with USB [but not with DD-WRT *harhar*])

4) Non-JFFS: do the the SD card mod (unlimited room using swapped multiple SD cards, but it's a really ugly and utterly nasty hack)
5) Non JFFS, but an alternative would be to go into setup and mount a samba share. Look at this for info on how. If you are a Linux newbie look at this other