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The IRC channel #dd-wrt (non-SSL) and ircs:// on FreeNode is a (deprecated) support channel for DD-WRT firmware. NOTE: FreeNode now requires SASL authentication. Because of this and lack of registration/ops on FreeNode, users have migrated to #dd-wrt on Libera. There is also an Unofficial IRC channel #dd-wrt located on OFTC and Matrix.

[edit] Behavior

Questions on the topic DD-WRT are always welcome on this channel and people on #dd-wrt will try to help you if they can. However, these people are also normal users and are neither paid nor supported for their help. It is possible that no one currently on-line can help you with the problem or question you just posted. In this case it won't help to post your message many times again and again or to insist on an answer.

It could be better to come back later and ask again.

There are also many questions that can be answered by searching the Web or the online forums. There you also can find many directions on where to look for further information.

[edit] Language

DD-WRT is used all over the World and people hanging out on #dd-wrt are international. Many of them might not speak your mother tongue and therefore can not help you with questions if you post it in this language. They also won't be able to benefit from answers given in that language.

That is why you please should stick to English while you are on #dd-wrt.

If you have difficulties to articulate your problem in English and prefer to talk German you could also try and join