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请选择菜单项:"Administration管理" > "HotSpot" > "HTTP Redirect"


此选项允许使用一个代理服务器的HTTP重定向器。虽然它的配置页面上的热点所在,热点不必为这个选项正确启用。HTTP重定向重定向所有作品端口80通信从LAN / WLAN到一个指定的地址可像鱿鱼方面,CCProxy,或Winproxy HTTP代理服务器。此功能特别适合在学校过滤内容,图书馆,企业等有用

这不是完全清楚了“的HTTP源网络”设置的目的是。在我的测试,在这里设置的IP地址为客户端计算机只有一个没有差异。无论是代理的所有客户。据BrainSlayer“你可以设置一个源网络,排除了代理服务器”,从而使代理服务器可以从同一个路由器具有HTTP重定向它的互联网功能。到目前为止,我的测试此功能,使用v23 SP2的一个WRT54G,没有产生良好的效果。

[edit] HTTP源网络

<下面的测试是基于DD-WRT v24-sp2 (11/25/08) std - build 10991M NEWD Eko>

当使用此功能,您必须指定在LAN端子网,你想成为受重定向。例如,如果您有DHCP设置炮制成192.168.1.xx你的电脑,然后输入192.168.1.0作为您的源网络。这是不可能的重定向多个源网络代理使用此功能。具体来说,如果你输入0.0.0.0作为源网络then DD - WRT的写入的NAT表,以便获得重定向没有交通虚假条目。

DD-WRT actually creates two NAT table entries when this feature is enabled. The first entry makes sure that traffic from the source network destined for your router's web pages are not redirected but instead go directly to the router. The second entry redirects all other traffic to the proxy. The way this first entry is created makes it impossible to loose your connectivity to the router even if you make a mistake in entering data here.

You can use this feature to implement a HTTP-Proxy (like squid) connected on the LAN side of your router if you configure the proxy to have a different subnet than the rest of your computers. The idea would be for your proxy to be on its own special subnet (ie. with all the other computers being in the standard subnet (ie. 192.168.1.xx). You would set the HTTP Destination IP to and the HTTP Source Network to DD-WRT would then only redirect port 80 traffic coming from your subnet to your proxy. All other subnets would not be re-directed and the proxy server which needs direct access the destination servers would be able to do its job.

This feature does a reasonable job of adding entries to the NAT table but unfortunatly never deletes them. This means that you can get horribly confused if you make a change to one of these settings and fail to reboot the router since you can have multiple and conflicting entries in your NAT table. So take my advice and do a "Save" followed by a reboot if you make any changes to the settings for HTTPRedirect.

[edit] 坏HTTP重定向设置



cd /usr/sbin
nvram set http_redirect_enable=0
nvram commit