Fonera Client Bridged

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(requires version 03/23/07 or greater for GUI setup)

Related documentation: Wireless Bridge

Forum thread: 0323 Client Bridge thread

Setup > Basic Setup

WAN Connection: Disable
Network setup: Set fixed IP, subnet mask (ex.:,
Network setup: Gateway and DNS: <equal to the other side> (ex.:, 
DHCP Server:  Disable

Wireless > Basic Settings

Wireless Mode:          Client Bridged
Wireless Network Mode:  Mixed

Wireless > Wireless Security

<equal to the other side>

Security > Firewall


Status > Wireless

(shows list of available networks. Select the proper one, then click Join and Close.)


Network setup: Set either DHCP or fixed IP:
  Set IP and subnet mask (ex.:,
  Gateway and DNS: <equal to the other side> (ex.:,