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  • VPN
  • easy htb/tc configurator or script generator (nbd from openwrt works on it)
  • Put some features to Separate Lan and WLan over web interface
  • native IPv6 configuration (not tunnel) (not needed yet)
  • allow user to overclock the router over web interface (planned for final)
  • ipsec (done since v22)
  • Custom names associated with MAC addresses on MAC Filter (default to first host name if no value is specified)
  • Fix for "MS SQL" L7 filter (The space keeps it from properly being added or displayed in the web interface)
  • more "Blocked Services" (at least 10). This was submitted a few times (and fullfilled a few times)
  • Support for the Yi.org dynamic IP service (wget -q -O /dev/null --http-user="DOMAINNAME" --http-passwd="PASSWORD" "http://www.yi.org/bin/dyndns.fcgi?ipaddr=IPADDRESS")
  • VRRP
  • Dynamic HTTP filtering using a blacklist or possibly a whitelist
  • Spanning port/Monitor port
  • Auto Upgrade Feature
  • Built in Radius server with GUI frontend
  • Ability to customize the firmware with a GUI, Hence removing features you dont need.. The GUI would be alot easier to use than recompiling the firmware every time.
  • Modular services and features: Make services like Kai a module that would be uploaded to the jffs partition if someone needed to use it. Reduce the avaliable "themes" in order to save space, and allow people to upload news ones to the jffs parition as needed.
  • To increase revenues, create services like "Spam", "Virus" and "Content" filtering that would rely on a central server (Since the wrt54g doesnt have the power to do such things), and charge a reasonable fee to use them (Essentially the wrt54g would redirect traffic through your servers depending on type of service). Especially web filtering (Such as porn etc.) Firewalls capable of doing this cost over 300$ and charge 100$ a year to filter. Its nothing more than a list of IP addresses that are used to lookup and block traffic depending on their destination.
  • New WRT54G/S will no longer be compatible, why not sell equivilant hardware capable of performing like the WRT54G/S. Market it at schools and end users emphasizing the Spam, Virus and Content filtering features. (And make it plug and play. To many linux distributions require the user to be knowledgable, and most home users arent).
  • If your interested in marketing, let me know. Current market leaders charge alot of $$ for these services and they arent marketed at end users. Marketing these features at end users as a "Complete Solution for Viruses, Content Filtering, and SPAM" is a awsome market you could really take of in, especially if you got it in places like Best Buys and sold it at a competitive cost compared to security experts like Watchguard, Cisco, Bluecoat and others.