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-__TOC__+#REDIRECT [[What is DD-WRT?#Features]]
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-See also [[What is DD-WRT?#Features]].+
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-This site contains a complete list of official features provided by DD-WRT for all platforms and amount of flash space. Anyway the features are able to vary a bit due different hw features on the different devices. +
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-==Atheros 16MB==+
-==Atheros 8MB==+
-==Atheros 4MB==+
-==Broadcom 2MB==+
- +
-==Broadcom 4MB==+
- +
-==Broadcom 8MB==+
- +
-==IXP 32MB==+
-==IXP 16MB==+
-==IXP 8MB==+
-==PPC 8MB==+
-==PPC 16MB==+
-==Ralink 4MB==+
-==Ralink 8MB==+
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-[[Category:English documentation]]+
-[[Category:Networking hardware]]+

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