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Getting the Corerev of various models

To get the corerev of your unit, from telnet or the administration => commands tab:

nvram show|grep corerev

If you have a dual radio, you will see wl0 & wl1. If you have a single radio, wl0 will contain the corerev.

If you see your router already listed, don't add to the thread.

What I have been able to get so far (thanks to you guys):


Asus WL500gP V1 / wl0=9

Asus WL500GP V2 / wl0=13

Asus WL-500W / wl0=11

Asus WL520GU / wl0=13


Belkin F5D7230-4 v2000 / wl0=7


WHR-HP-G54 / wl0=9

Buf WHR-G54S / wl0=9

Buf WBR-G54 / wl0=5

Buf WHR-G125 / wl0=13

D Link

DLink DIR-320 / wl0=13


Wrt600n V1.0 / wl0=11 / wl1=12

Wrt600n V1.1 / wl0=11 / wl1=12

Wrt610n / wl0=16 / wl1=16

Wrt54G-TM / wl0=9

Wrt54GL / wl0=9

WRT54G v1.0 / wl0=4

WRT54G v1.1 / wl0=4 (some are wl0=5)

WRT54G v2 / wl0=7

WRT54G v3 / wl0=7

Wrt54G V5 / wl0=9

WRT54G v8 / wl0=13

WRT54g v8.2 / wl0=13

WRT54GS V1.0 / wl0=7

WRT54GS v 1.1 / wl0=7

WRT54GS v 2.0 / wl0=7

WRT54GS v3.0 / wl0=9

WRT54GS v4.0 / wl0=9

WRT54GS v6 / wl0=9

WRTSL54GS / wl0=9

WAP54G V1.0 / wl0=4

Wap54G V2 / wl0=7

WAP54G v3.1 / wl0=9

WRT54G2 v1 / wl0=13

WRT150N v1 / wl0=11

WRT150N v1.1 / wl0=12

WRT300N v1 / wl0=11

WRT300N v1.1 / wl0=11

wrt310n / wl0=12

Wrt350n / wl0=11

WRH54G (linksys) / wl0=13


WNR834Bv2 / wl0=11

WNR834Bv1 / wl0=11

WNDR3300 / wl0=12 / wl1=9

WGR614Lv8 /wl0=13

US Robotics

USR5451 / wl0=7

USR5461 / wl0=7