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So you'd like to contribute?

Contribute Code

An open-source project like DD-WRT cannot survive without its developers, and we appreciate those who wish to help out with the development of the DD-WRT alternate firmware project, for more information about the development of DD-WRT and how you can help, please visit the Development section of the wiki.

Although a project such as this one cannot survive without its developers not everyone who contributes to the project is a programmer, but don't worry a user such as yourself is just as important and can contribute to the project in the following ways:

Contribute to the Quality of the Project

Help make DD-WRT better by submitting bug reports and suggesting new features.

Contribute to the Documentation and Wiki

Contribute to the wiki by writing How-Tos and Guides, Translate the documentation, Correct spelling and grammar, Help with the Definitions and Terms.

Contribute through Support

Answer question on the forums or in the IRC channel, help write How-Tos and Guides in the wiki,

Contribute through Exposure

The more people we have contributing to the project the better the firmware will be, tell your friends, who have a supported device , about DD-WRT and the features and options that it provides.

Contribute by showing your Appreciation

The developers of DD-WRT work very hard to provide you with a quality firmware, so why not express your appreciation through emails or forum posts, by giving the developers a gift or a donation.

Contribute by Donating

Donations to the project support the developers and allow them to continue to work on this project, so donate some money or hardware so that they may continue to provide this firmware.