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**monitor multiple interfaces **monitor multiple interfaces
*USB Printer/Storage support (filesystems fat/vfat/ext2/ext3/etc.) *USB Printer/Storage support (filesystems fat/vfat/ext2/ext3/etc.)
-*FTP Server (ProFTPd)+*FTP Server ([[ProFTPd]])
*Reverse-Proxy Load Balancing (Pound) *Reverse-Proxy Load Balancing (Pound)
*AnchorFree Hotspot *AnchorFree Hotspot

Revision as of 02:58, 26 February 2009

See the Timeline for most recent changes.

v24 SP2

The following is an incomplete summary of the changes since DD-WRT v23 sp2. (work in progress)

  • Developer support
  • Updated wireless driver w/ACK timing support
  • 802.11n and dual radio support
  • Repeater, Repeater Bridge, and Universal Wireless Repeater modes
  • Default Wireless TX Power increased to 70mW (from 28mW)
  • Bandwidth Monitoring and Traffic Graphs
    • backup/restore/delete function
    • monitor multiple interfaces
  • USB Printer/Storage support (filesystems fat/vfat/ext2/ext3/etc.)
  • FTP Server (ProFTPd)
  • Reverse-Proxy Load Balancing (Pound)
  • AnchorFree Hotspot
  • T-Home/T-Online VDSL support
  • Multiple WLAN/SSID
  • Multiple BSSID (different MACs for virtual interfaces)
  • Multicast Forwarding/Filtering
  • SSH Remote Forwarding
  • MANY more router models detected and proper LED/Reset button functioning (see Supported Devices).
  • More users currently running V24 for better Forum support (just an observation...I don't have any numbers to support this one) - Redhawk
  • User Interface fixes and enhancements:
    • easily enable/disable Remote Management (HTTP or HTTPS, SSH or Telnet)
    • restrict remote management IP
    • fixes for Access Restrictions (e.g. "Allow" policy renamed to "Filter")
    • in micro versions, Firewall log options removed (they didn't function)
    • allow protocol selection for Port Triggering
    • added PPTP packet reordering option
    • show Wireless TX/RX Rates (Atheros)
    • added shared key authentication method for WEP (Atheros)
    • and more! (probably too many to keep track of)
  • Software/Tools/Utils updates:
    • BusyBox 1.13.2
    • Dnsmasq 2.45
    • Dropbear SSH 0.52
    • L7 filters 2008-12-18 (Improved/fixed rtp.)
    • OpenSSL 0.9.8g
    • OpenVPN 2.1 rc15
    • Pound 2.4.3
    • ProFTPd 1.3.1
  • VLAN fixes and enhancements
  • UPNP fixes and enhancements
  • Wake On LAN and WOLd fix
  • Timezone/DST updates: Afghanistan (UTC+4:30), Venezuela (UTC-04:30), etc.
  • Support for devices with 128MB RAM (svn revision 9285+)
  • Mega builds available for routers with 8MB+ flash memory
  • Additional themes/styles for the Web Interface
  • MD5SUMS available - verify that your download is authentic and free of errors
  • Faster reboot in Micro builds
  • TCP Vegas is now default algorithm for packet shaping/congestion control
  • TCP BIC supported