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-Building DD-WRT from source is quite a daunting task. There isn't much documentation on this process on the official site, although [ Peter Cardoe's site] is indeed very helpful. Hopefully expanding on his work will make it an easier process for newbies like me.+#REDIRECT [[Development#Building_DD-WRT_From_Source]]
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-To build DD-WRT, you need a Linux machine. It should work on any reasonably modern machine, as long as you have a compiler installed - note that this may not be strictly necessary but I haven't tried it any other way.+
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-* The first step is to download the proper source from the [ download page]. Should be straightforward.+
-* Next, unpack it into a directory of your choice by running <tt>tar jxvf FILENAME</tt>. Change to the directory that process creates, probably named "DD-WRT" or something similar.+
-* Next we'll make a workspace directory and some needed by the build process. The name of the "toolchain" directory must be as shown. You may need to be "root" to create the first directory.+
-** <tt>mkdir -p /home/dev/workspace /home/backup/mikrotik</tt>+
-** <tt>ln -s ~yourusername/image /GruppenLW</tt>+
-** <tt>ln -s /location/of/ddwrtdirectory /home/dev/workspace/DD-WRT</tt>+
-* Next we change some permissions:+
-** <tt>chmod +x src/router/iptables/extensions/.dccp-test</tt>+
-** <tt>chmod +x src/router/iptables/extensions/.layer7-test</tt>+
-* Change line 42 of src/router/zlib/Makefile:+
-** prefix =/location/of/ddwrtdirectory/DD-WRT+
-* <tt>chmod +wxxx src/router/samba</tt>+
-* Change line 4 of ''opt/'' from <tt>export PATH=/home/release/DD-WRT/toolchains/bin</tt> to <tt>export PATH=/location/of/ddwrtdirectory/DD-WRT/toolchains/bin</tt>.+
-* Run <tt>opt/</tt>. Wish. Then wait a bunch.+
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-This page is only marginally useful; you do a lot of work and end up with a stock firmware. You may also want to see [[modifying DD-WRT]].+
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-[[Category:English documentation]]+

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