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1) Download the community dd-wrt build for this model using the link below. 1) Download the community dd-wrt build for this model using the link below.
2) Perform a reset on the router holding the reset button down for 30 seconds and then release. 2) Perform a reset on the router holding the reset button down for 30 seconds and then release.

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WZR-HP-AG300H Hardware Info

Image:wzr-hp-ag300h1.jpg Image:wzr-hp-ag300h2.jpg

CPU Atheros AR7161
CPU Speed 680 MHz
Flash ROM 32 MB
RAM 128 MB
Radios 1x 2.4 GHz / 1x 5Ghz
WLAN Support A/B/G/N
WLAN Max Speed 300 mbps
Antenna Location 2x fixed external
Switch 4x GigE + 1 WAN
USB 1x USB 2.0

Flashing instructions

This unit ships with the buffalo pro dd-wrt build 15940 pre-flashed onto the router. If you would like to use community builds for this unit (non-buffalo branded dd-wrt), then you will need to follow these steps to flash the community dd-wrt build onto the unit. And to note, this method will work for going from buffalo pro dd-wrt or buffalo user friendly firmware to community dd-wrt.

1) Download the community dd-wrt build for this model using the link below.


2) Perform a reset on the router holding the reset button down for 30 seconds and then release.

3) Set a static IP on your PC to and subnet, gateway

4) Log in the router's web-gui @ and go to the firmware upgrade section and select the file you downloaded in the first step.

5) After you selected the file from the first step, if you are in the buffalo dd-wrt pro build then select "reset to default settings" and click "upgrade"

6) Give this atleast 6 minutes to complete, do not unplug or mess with the unit in any form or fashion... BE PATIENT!

7) After you have waited, un-set the static ip of and either set it to use DHCP or set a static ip of

8) Log in the dd-wrt webgui @ and once in, immediately go to Administration > Factory Defaults and select to "restore to factory defaults" again wait atleast 3 minutes. This will give it the equivalent of a hard reset to assure flash integrity.

9) Then, after you have waited atleast 3 minutes, re-log in the dd-wrt webgui @ and begin setup, enjoy dd-wrt!

Firmware Versions

To find the latest community DD-WRT builds for this unit you would need to browse the FTP and look for the appropriate build for your unit. Below is the link for the file server.


To find buffalo DD-WRT builds you would need to go to buffalo's support site and find the downloads section for your unit.


De-bricking and TFTP Info

It has been asked about on how to de-brick this unit in the case that a flash goes wrong or how you can switch back and forth between Buffalo dd-wrt builds and community dd-wrt builds.

This method is if you are using Windows XP OS. I also always use a 10/100 or Gigabit hardware switch in-between the router and the PC, this way - Windows doesn't have to wait for the router switch to initialize, which can make you loose your TFTP timing window.

Power the router off for now. Make sure you are wired into the switch LAN ports and use the LAN ports only, not the WAN port.

1) Set a static ip on the pc of / Gateway:

2) Open a command prompt and type this: arp -s 02-aa-bb-cc-dd-20 [enter]

3) After entering the static arp have the command line ready with this command (and you'll have to be in the dir where the firmware image is at or it won't work): tftp -i put wzrhpag300h-pro-v24sp2-17798-alpha.enc

4) Do not enter the TFTP command, just having it waiting for now, with the power to the router still off, Plug in the power for the router and count to 10 seconds or use a stopwatch, then enter the TFTP command that you should have waiting in the command prompt. This is an important timing step for TFTP to work

5) You'll know if it transferred by the command prompt telling you so, give it about 5-6 minutes after the transfer, if the flash was successful, it'll reset/program itself in this time. Once it is complete the Red Diag LED should go off and then you can access it at

  • Please note that the above method is performed using the Buffalo Branded DD-WRT .enc builds, to use a community DD-WRT build you will need to browse the FTP and choose which build number you want to use and get the file with the naming format of 'buffalo_to_ddwrt_webflash-MULTI.bin' and substitute the above .enc file. Please also note that if you use the community dd-wrt build to flash with, the IP access for webgui using community builds will be @ instead of So once the red diag led goes off you will need to use for webgui access but all the other steps stay the same.
  • Also i am noticing alot of people trying to TFTP to - this will not work, no place in this guide does it say TFTP to - The IP for buffalo's bootloader is so you must follow the steps above carefully in order for this to work and a hardware switch, 10/100 or gigabit is very important as well.