AP Repeater on DLINK Dir-300

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-== How to configure DLINK DIR-300 as AP Repeater == 
-I Have been researching because I need to use my DLINK Dir-300 as a Repeater Bridge 
-This operation mode is easily to find in a broadcom based hardware such as linksys, etc, BUT you can not set "Repeater Bridge" Mode on a Dir-300 
-So Here's how to make the stuff : 
-I Assume that you already have an AP working under your administration. 
-Lets say that this AP SSID is "AP1" With a LAN IP ADDRESS of 
-Ok, starting with that you have to go to your DIR-300 Configuration Page, now go to the "Setup" tab, now on "Wan Connection Type" On connection type, select '''DISABLED''' 
-On "Network Setup" 
-"Local IP address" (the LAN IP of the DIR-300) of course it got to be on the same network as LAN on "AP1" 
-"Subnet mask" The same subnet mask used in LAN for AP1 
-'''here is the important thing :''' 
-On "Gateway" you have to write the IP address of AP1 LAN Address 
-On "Local DNS" you have to write the IP address of AP1 LAN Address 
-Next you have to DISABLE the DCHP server on DIR-300 
-Finally Click on "Save" and "Apply Settings" 
-Now we move to the tab "Wireless" on the DIR-300 
-once there you have to modify Wireless Mode drop down box and select "CLIENT BRIDGE" 
-Now you have to go to Wireless Network Name (SSID) and write the SSID of AP1 
-Now go to "Virtual Interfaces" and do a click on ADD 
-next write a name (SSID) for this virtual interface it could be Any SSID that you want to, included AP1 SSID 
-Now it's time to SAVE SETTINGS do not click on APPLY YET. 
-Now you have to go to "Status" Tab , Now Wireless menu, at the botton on the page you will find the "Site Survey" Button do a click on it, you will of course find AP1 SSID and the chance to JOIN, do a click on Join to AP1 
-Now you have to go back to the "Wireless TAB" and do a click on "Apply Settings" 
-And that's it. 
-Now you have a DIR-300 Working as a repeater of AP1. 
-If you have any comments you can contact me on m_semino@hotmail.com 
-[[Category:D-Link guides]] 

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