Wireless-N Throughput Testing

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[edit] Introduction

This page contains user tested throughput results for N spec devices. Please be sure to read Wireless-N Configuration for information about how to configure your N spec equipment before posting your own results. When you do post your results, be sure to provide as much information as possible about how you tested it.

Some key things to post are:

  1. Exact router model including the model version
  2. Exact firmware (build number and version)
  3. Distance and any obstructions for range tests (otherwise have ~1 meter separation)
  4. Spectrum (2.4GHz or 5GHz) and channel settings
  5. Exact client adapter model
  6. The MIMO capabilities of your client adapter ie. 1x2, 2x2, etc.

[edit] Results

[edit] Phuzi0n

I do all my tests at ~1 meter distance while ensuring that the link rate is maxed out at 130mbps for 20MHz channel width or >270mbps for 40MHz width. I use jperf/iperf set to use a 2MB TCP window for all my tests. A quirk of mine is that I test multiple times but then I take the best few results and round them to the nearest multiple of 5 to just have a general idea of the best throughput attainable. The Netgear WN111v2 client adapter is 1x2 MIMO 2.4GHz only and the Netgear WNDA3100v2 is 2x2 MIMO on both bands.

Model Build Client Adapter 2.4GHz Band 5GHz Band
20MHz 40MHz 20MHz 40MHz
Up Down Up Down Up Down Up Down
WRT150N v1.1 12548 NEWD WN111v2 40mbps 40mbps 55mbps 55mbps - - - -
13230 NEWD2 WN111v2 45mbps 60mbps 85mbps 60mbps - - - -
WHR-G300N STOCK 1.60 WN111v2 40mbps 60mbps 30mbps 70mbps - - - -
13064 WN111v2 45mbps 80mbps 80mbps 90mbps - - - -
WRT300N v1.1 STOCK 1.51.2 WN111v2 40mbps 80mbps 45mbps 85mbps - - - -
13492 NEWD WN111v2 40mbps 75mbps 35mbps 75mbps - - - -
13492 NEWD2 WN111v2 40mbps 70mbps 45mbps 90mbps - - - -
WNDR3300 STOCK V1.0.29NA WN111v2 45mbps 90mbps 80mbps 95mbps - - - -
STOCK V1.0.45NA WN111v2 45mbps 90mbps 80mbps 95mbps - - - -
14471 NEWD WN111v2 40mbps 55mbps 55mbps 60mbps - - - -
14471 NEWD2 WN111v2 40mbps 55mbps 60mbps 60mbps - - - -
14471 NEWD WNDA3100v2 60mbps 55mbps 60mbps 60mbps 65mbps 60mbps 65mbps 60mbps
WRT320N STOCK v1.0.03 WN111v2 40mbps 85mbps - - - - - -
STOCK v1.0.03 WNDA3100v2 50mbps 85mbps - - 70mbps 95mbps 80mbps 100mbps
14471 K2.6 WN111v2 45mbps 65mbps 85mbps 90mbps - - - -
14471 K2.6 WNDA3100v2 70mbps 65mbps 90mbps 100mbps 60mbps 80mbps 105mbps 100mbps
WRT400N 15704 WN111v2 45mbps 80mbps 85mbps 85mbps - - - -
15704 WNDA3100v2 55mbps 55mbps 95mbps 90mbps 75mbps 85mbps 95mbps 95mbps
E1000 v2.0 STOCK 2.0.00 b14 WN111v2 40mbps 75mbps 65mbps 80mbps - - - -
STOCK 2.0.00 b14 WNDA3100v2 70mbps 75mbps 80mbps 90mbps - - - -
16994 k2.6 WN111v2 45mbps 80mbps 85mbps 90mbps - - - -
16994 k2.6 WNDA3100v2 95mbps 75mbps 95mbps 95mbps - - - -

Note: There seems to be some sort of compatibility problem with the WNDA3100v2 client uploading to the WRT320N that caused it to frequently give no throughput for short periods of time regardless of the band or firmware used.