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[edit] The WHR-HP-G300N

The WHR-HP-G300N Router
The WHR-HP-G300N Router

Basic Features

  • Wireless N
  • 4 x 100mb/s ports
  • AOSS
  • DHCP
  • Cable Router
  • Atheros AR7240 rev 1.2 CPU (400MHz)
  • 32MB Memory

Since the second half of 2010 the WHR-HP-G300N ships with a Buffalo supplied DD-WRT firmware installed by default. Older versions of the router are the same specifications and allow the DD-WRT firmware to be installed from the buffalo website/FTP server.

Buffalo refer to the DD-WRT firmware as the "Pro" firmware and the original firmware as the "User Friendly" firmware. Not to be confused but the "Pro" DD-WRT firmware is much more pleasing on the eye than the "User Friendly" firmware if not easier to use!

[edit] Initial Installation

Screenshot of WHR-HP-G300N Status Page
Screenshot of WHR-HP-G300N Status Page

Buffalo now provide an official DD-WRT build direct from their own FTP site.

Acoring to Buffalo documentation the new DD-WRT firmware is installed by default on the WHR-HP-G300N however mine had the original firmware

The DD-WRT firmware is named as the "Pro" firmware and is installed by default. A "User Friendly" firmware is included as optional.

Extract the firmware from the zip and use the web based firmware upgrade interface as usual to upgrade to the "Pro" DD-WRT firmware from the stock "User Friendly" firmware

[edit] Firmware Versions

To find the latest community DD-WRT builds for this unit you would need to browse the FTP and look for the appropriate build for your unit.

See Where do I download firmware? for links.

To find buffalo DD-WRT builds you would need to go to buffalo's support site and find the downloads section for your unit.